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Lonely as the Sea: a pourquoi story

April 26, 2010
By jlinjessica SILVER, C, California
jlinjessica SILVER, C, California
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Everyone knows Moon and Sun. Sadly, nearly everyone has forgotten the story of Sea. Reaching out towards the outermost corners of Earth, she was the beautiful child of Sun and Moon. Her beauty did not shine like the rays of Sun or glow like the luminescence of Moon, but she was uniquely beautiful in another way altogether. Despite her splendor, she was just a child who missed her parents, and without any friends, she was all alone in the world.
She tried to exude radiance in her smiles, but one day, she could not help tears from cascading down her face and flowing through the crevasses of Earth. Seeing her mask of tears, Turtle asked Sea why she was crying. In her despair, she did not hear him, and her tears washed over frog. Afraid that he had drowned, Turtle's friends, the Fish, held their gaze on the water's surface. They began to cry, when Turtle finally resurfaced, surprising them as a serene smile spread across his face.
Gliding out of the water, Turtle said to Sea, "Your cool, wet tears feel comforting upon my skin. But tell me, why are you so sad?" Gently laying his head on her dress, he looked up at her tear-stained face with gentle compassion.
Gathering her voice, Sea told him of her loneliness, and how her sleep spun endless dreams of Sun and Moon. Turtle, nearly moved to tears himself, decided he would help this most melancholy of creatures. The wind carried word of Sea's story throughout the land, from the forests to the marsh, from the mountains to the valleys, until all creatures of Earth knew of Sea's sadness.
"For the rest of my life," Turtle declared, "I will spend half of my time in the water, and you will know you are not alone. I will change my name to Sea Turtle, and we will be friends."
A kindly folk, the Fish joined Sea Turtle, exchanging their feet for fins. From then on, everyone who visited Sea became her friend, and many remained for good. To this day, Sea shares her home with Turtle, the Fish and many more friends— lonely no more.

The author's comments:
This type of story is known as a "pourquoi" story. I am not sure how I came to write this piece. Somehow, I believe it may have been trying to tell me something. Perhaps one day I will figure it out. It's all right if I never do figure it out; perhaps someone else will get something out of it. :)

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