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September 26, 2010
By FutureAuthor12 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
FutureAuthor12 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Emma and Joel were scared. They kept hearing strange noises. Suddenly they saw a shadow move quickly. A man came out and told them about a magical place deep in the forest that would have everything they ever desired. The man told them that he would take them there on one condition; they could never leave or talk to anyone else. They agreed and he told them to follow him. But he was moving to quickly and they couldn't keep up. He left them alone. Completely alone.

They came upon a colorful candy filled place. They thought that this must be the place that the mysteriuos man told them about. They got closer and closer. Once they were about 5 feet away the magical place, they could see a dark black creature inside. They got closer and saw that the creature was the man that had left them alone! They went inside and the man looked at them like if they were some sort of disgrace. He looked at them mysteriuosly. He asked them how they had found him. They said that they had just walked and walked and they had found this magical place. He told them that the house was about to do something magical. Seconds later, he went uo to Joel and gobbled him up!

The author's comments:
Its just something that I threw together! (:

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