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The Drizzling Rain

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

The drizzling rain covers your now wet face and you walk through the dark haunting trees. In the distance somewhere high up in a tree the echoing sound of an owls hooting fills the empty dark woods.
A shiver crawls up your spine as you start walking faster. You can feel like something is watching your every move. Your feet suddenly halt infront of gigantic yew tree that blocks your way. You look up at the gnarled branches of the tree. The knots in the branches are so lumpy and deformed that it reminds you of and old persons arms. But as you look higher you see a shadow creeping down onto you, slowly. This shadow looks like a huge animal that's hunting its prey. Big yellow eyes stare down at you. Its eyes meet yours and it takes slow long strides down the long weaving branches. As soon as it gets closer it leaps. This freaks you out and you back up a tiny ways and start running as fast as you can the way you came. The rain sloshes across your face and drips of your cheeks. The owl in the distance starts sounding a little bit closer. But you don't pay attention to it you are to scared and are running for your life. Your hear thuds right behind. The thuds sound like very big feet running right at you. You spot a sharp turn in the distance and you run right at it and get away from the person/thing that was chasing you. You hear the thuds running right past you and the black shape is engulfed by the black shadows.

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