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She Cries.

November 30, 2010
By HOPEfully SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
HOPEfully SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
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My Cinderella. She is real. She exists. I pray for her constantly. May God satisfy the desires of her heart, draw her close, consume her. May He claim her passions, her identity, her refuge, her hopes, her strengths and weaknesses -Adam Young

That Girl.
The one with the long brown hair and goregous dark eyes. The one with the boyfriend you covet and the clothes you save for months to get.

She cries.

The makeup drains down her face as the broken glass rains down around her feet.

"And now at last all the pictures have been burnt."

She looks around at all the signs of affection she's recieved. Screaming crowds, awards, honors, and trophies.

"But all the past is just a lesson that we learned."

None of it matters now. All the beauty has come down to nothingness. She knows everyone will move on and forget.

"You've forgetten about us"

The author's comments:
To Demi Lovato.

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