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Rainy Day

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

A year had passed; Andy was at last landing at the Kennedy Airport, -Andy, a brilliant medical doctor, stayed in Africa for a year to accommodate the sick. He had this anxious feeling in the pit of his stomach, as the plane arrived at its destination. “Wow, I’m finally back in New York!” he thought, as he got his luggage and entered the rented car. As he drove the familiar road to his house, it started to drizzle, then gradually it started to pour. Andy held the steering wheel tightly as he tried to drive the wet road. He finally recognized the colossal white house to be his. As he entered his house he yelled, “Hey Honey! I’m home!” The surroundings felt a little different and unfamiliar. “Hello?” Andy asked, but there was no reply. “Where is she?” Andy thought. As he was walking into the kitchen, he heard the garage door open then close; it was her. Andy rushed to give his wife a hug, but stopped when he saw that she was not the same person as she used to be. She had definitely gained weight and her pin straight blond hair was now frizzy, messy, and looked wet. What happened to her beautiful face and smile? It was now replaced with fatigue.

“Oh, yoouu’re home already?” Christina asked with a surprised look. “I thought you were coming in an hour.”

“Oh, I took an earlier flight because I wanted to see you sooner!” Andy said with great joy and then gave her a big hug.

Two months and another bland day at work passed; Andy came home exhausted, as usual. “Hey, what’s for dinner?” Andy asked without enthusiasm.

“Chicken with mashed potatoes and tossed salad,” Christina replied with indifference.

It was the same routine everyday. Andy drove home in his black Mercedes, went through the garage, and asked what was for dinner. Christina would stick her head out of all her law papers and answer with a stoic facial expression, and then return to whatever she was doing. Everyday was a routine.
“What happened?” Andy thought to himself. He clearly remembered when they were in love, but after he came home from Africa, the magic seemed to have disappeared. “Are we so wrapped up in our work that we don’t have time for each other anymore?” As Andy finished his thought, a call came from the hospital.

“I have to go to the hospital; I’m probably going to be home late,” Andy said as he went out the door.

When he entered the hospital, he asked his assistant Doctor Peter, “What’s up?”

“A baby was found outside St. Paul’s Church a couple months ago, and was brought to our hospital today. I’m guessing she was abandoned by her mother.”

“Why did you bring the baby here?”

“Because the baby has a bad case of the flu with an extremely dangerous fever. If we don’t bring down the fever immediately, it may cause some kind of deformity or death.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Andy said as he rushed down the hall.

With time, patience, and extra care, Andy and the nurses were able to bring down the fever.

“That was a close one. We almost lost her,” Andy said in relief. Andy took another look at the baby girl. She looked so beautiful and unique. He felt as if this creature was calling him; he felt like this magnificent being was his. This sensation he felt when he looked at the small creature, what was it? Was it love and zeal, or just sympathetic feelings? “Um, just out of curiosity, what are you planning to do with this baby?”

“Probably send her to the orphanage or try to find someone to adopt her. She came with a note saying to do so. What kind of mother would do that?” Peter asked, in disgust.

“Yeah, um, well, um, you know how I never had a child? I was thinking if I could… you know… adopt her?” Andy asked with hesitation.

“You want to do that, doc? You know that both you and Christina are workaholics and only know how to work. Do you think you could raise a child?” Peter asked. “Why don’t you discuss it with Christina and if she says yes then I’ll get all the paper work ready for you.”

“Okay, thanks,” Andy said with mixed feelings. He was over filled with joy when he heard he could adopt the baby, but he was worried about what Christina thought. “I will tell her during dinner tomorrow.”

Another long day at work had ended, but this time there wasn’t dullness that was in the air. Instead, there was this anxious, nervous vibe when Andy stepped in from the garage. He was holding flowers, chocolate, and wine. “Hey, Honey, I’m home!” There was an awkward silence and no reply. “Hello? Honey, where are you?” As he walked over to Christina’s work area, the phone rang.

“Hello? ...Yes this is he, what seems to be the problem? ... What?! I’ll be right there!”

Andy franticly drove back to the hospital; streams of tears flowed down his face as he entered the building. “Where is she?!” he screamed to Peter.

“I’m sorry Doctor Kay, Christina… I mean Mrs. Kay…wasn’t able to…to… make it. I’m sorry.”

“What?! No! This can’t be happening!” he whispered as he collapsed to the floor.

“I’m sorry; she lost too much blood in the accident. We couldn’t do anything, but to listen to her last request.”

Andy looked up, “What was her… her last request?”

“To be next to her daughter,” Peter said as he turned his head away.

“What daughter?!” Andy said with great confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Room 412,” Peter said as he turned and walked away.

Andy was able to carry himself to the room: Room 412. He opened the door slowly and dragged himself in. Christina lied so peaceful under the covers, and next to her was the baby girl.

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