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Dear Lindsey

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Dear Lindsey,

I remember that summer so vividly. Everyday was a getaway, a desperate flee from our toils. Sun bathing and floating with the waves. I remember taking the picture of you and Samantha, drifting on your surf boards carelessly, letting time flutter away with the tides. That had been the perfect day of the perfect summer.

Sam’s death was seemed to just be a part of an oxy-moron. The paramount summer of my life versus the worst incident I’ve witnessed. After her death, the world was entirely dull.

We began to stray from each other, not knowing how to cope or react with the loss of our best friend, and the final point in our life long sisterhood. I wish Sam hadn’t died, I wish we hadn’t had a falling- out, I with that summer could have lasted ceaselessly.
I know you felt responsible for Sam’s problems with her father. I know you thought you should have done something more that night at her Samantha’s house. But there was nothing you could have done. Sam’s father had drinking problems for years and no one could have predicted he had a gun in the house. It wasn’t our fault no matter what, we didn’t pull the trigger.
It’s the seven year anniversary of Sam’s death in a couple weeks. There is going to be a small memorial service in her honor. Being there without you will be like living without oxygen. We can catch up on old times, past summers.

You Loving, Lonely Stranger,


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