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The Thanksgiving Machine

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

“Hurry up with that… Venturi Electic machine of yours. I want to go to school!” complained Jonas as Mall was making the final touches of his latest invention. “Just a few more drills here and there…there! I’m done!” said Mall. “Now anyone can ride a car with thing.” “It looks like it’s good for golf.” “Oh, be quiet. It isn’t for that.” Both friends were arguing about what it for was. Mall’s mother came in the garage and said “That looks neat. We can use that for driving my parents here for Thanksgiving” “Great idea, mom!” said Mall. “Can we go now?” “We? I’m not going just for another explosion like what happened a few months ago.” “I’ve tested it lots of times. It didn’t and doesn’t explode.” “Boys, stop arguing or you both are going to miss school.” “Ok. I’ll go.” “Great!”
Mall and Jonas jumped on the Venturi Electic and drove off. “Did you do your homework?” asked Mall. “Of course I did. Here, I’ll show you.” Jonas pulled out his backpack when juice flew out of the backpack after Jonas opened it and it hit the panel. “NOOOO!!” both friends yelled. At the same time, the scene changed into a green, swirling spiral that was as far as the eye can see. Both friends went dizzy and Mall tried to check the mileage. “Hey…those numbers look like years…we’re going back in time!”
“Wow. You invented a dizzy time machine” commented Jonas. The car jolted and the scene changed again. “Where are we?” he asked. The scene looked as if it was November and there were people dressed in… “Wait. We’re at the cradle of Thanksgiving!” exclaimed Mall. “You mean we’re in 1621 at Plymouth?” asked Jonas. “Yes!” Jonas and Mall wandered around, admiring the scene when a Pilgrim came up to them and said “Hello, Mall and Jonas.” Both friends’ jaws dropped. “Elastor?” asked Mall astounded. “We thought you…” “…went away to sell my inventions in France. Yes, I know this is a surprise, but alas, my brother, one of my inventions themselves, the Time Seeker, spun me off the 21st century to here, while I was packing my things. Are you going to stay for the grand feast?” “Sure.”
The three went to the table to sit down. One Native was saying some speech some speech after everyone was silent at the table. “That’s the Speech of Thanks to The Gods!” said Jonas. “Now that tells me you did your homework.” “Your ‘Homework Machine did for me, actually.” “Darn.” After the speech, everyone started to eat. “Mmmm…popcorn.” “There’s popcorn here?!” “Of course. The Natives did it.” [It’s true. No lie.] The feast was delicious. After the feast, everyone presented themselves and was checked to make sure there weren’t any intruders. The Pilgrims and Natives were surprised to find about Mall, Jonas, and Elastor. They all said good-bye when it was time to go. Mall and Jonas went back to the Venturi Electic and warped back to where they went. “Thos will be the best project ever. I took photos and I…we have proof with my machine.” “You might want to put a time control panel so you…we don’t warp somewhere else” “I actually did that.” Mall pushed a button and a small panel popped out of the main panel. Juice covered it. “That’s where it went” said Jonas. “This trip was fun. We should do it again sometime” said Mall.

Will they?

The End

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