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The life of a slave in a wealthy household

November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

I am a slave; actually I am pharaoh’s number one slave. I work in the palace but have a secret underground home and one above ground home. The Pharaoh only knows about my above ground home, and it is in ruins. The pharaoh has offered to give me a home in the palace with some of the other slaves but my family and I like our privacy.

I have a good amount of money, but I use most of it to buy the clothes, food, gold, and jewelry for my family and I. I am a fairly wealthy man (as far as slave standards,) so I can afford good clothing, food and other needs for my family. (With a little money left over.) I am well treated by the Pharaoh and those that are higher in class than me (which is pretty much everyone except fellow slaves.) My fellow slaves don’t really like that the Pharaoh likes me more than them, but I am still happy with my life most of the time.

I am not a timid man and I like to go out with my family and spend time with them out in the palace and places like that. I have a very good family, which consists of my wife, eight little kids, a dog and a lion.

I have only 5 problems that I can think of that are really important, they are. My lion kills the local farm animals and eats all my meat. The other slaves despise me because I am more liked by the pharaoh. I live in the middle of nowhere, and I have to many jobs at the palace to do in one day.

The excitement of my week that I really look forward to is feeding the leopards. They are feed only twice a week and they only get 10 pounds of meat a day. Once a month we have a gladiator tournament. When this happens we starve the leopards and let them fight four finalists. Once in a while a gladiator will kill one of the leopards. But this doesn’t happen very often.

A typical day in my life would usually be boring and the same thing every day. I wake up before anyone else in my family and get dressed in the white thing that looks kind of’ like a dress. I get out 10 little stone bowls and some grain and camel meat strips. I put the grain in the bowls and start roasting the meat over a fire. My family finally comes out and we eat together, then I head out to the palace. As I pass the other slaves working on the pyramids I get a bunch of dark looks and note in the back of my head to leave a little earlier so that I can take the scenic route. I finally get to the palace and my first assignment is to feed the leopards so that they have the bones to chew on the rest of the day. Today is an early day and I only have about 50 more small jobs to do around the Palace before I am done. I am to tired to do anything when I get home so I tell my kids that I will take them to the labyrinth tomorrow on my day off.

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