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December 1, 2007
By Anonymous

We recently moved to a remote little area surrounded by forest, the worst idea ever. When my father made this choice he had no idea that it would end up to be a deadly one, nor did I.

Nobody is home, I’m in the kitchen doing dishes, and as I look up through the kitchen window I notice a man heading out of the woods and toward my house. Hoping that he is a friendly neighbor, I try to remember if there are even any houses in the direction he came from. No, none that I can remember, but maybe I am wrong. I look back down at what I’m doing and jump, accidentally cutting my finger on a knife, at the sound of a knock on my door. I walk over and answer the door. The man standing in front of me is a tall, pale, strong looking man that has jet-black hair that falls just below his chin. At first I just look up at him, speechless, as his maroon-colored eyes penetrate mine. I manage to spit out a hello and motion him in—still very much stunned by him. As I motioned him in his eyes immediately shifted their gaze to my finger as he took a deep breath though. That seemed a little strange. I finally introduced myself, as we both sat down, and he introduced himself as well. His name is Roland. He is making me very self-conscious by staring at my finger. I have tried distracting him by talking about being new around here, but he obviously already knew that. I also asked him about where he lives and his job to try to distract him, but he never stopped concentrating on my finger. I let out a small gasp as he suddenly takes the hand of my bleeding finger and breathes in the scent of it. I am frozen in shock and fear at his very unexpected action. “Mmm. Sweet, innocent blood.” He breathed. Just as quickly and unexpectedly as his last action, he is pulling me closer and inching up my arm and toward my neck. Who is this man? What is this man? I’m trying to break free of his hold, but I cannot. “You smell delicious my dear.” He calmly said as he, in one quick motion, smoothly sunk his fangs into my neck. His long, slender, white fangs pierced into the pulsing veins of my neck with ease as he drank the warm blood. This man, this very deadly man, is a vampire. Now everything is going black and I’m slumping down into my chair with him still holding onto me.

I’m waking up now. Please tell me that was just another nightmare! I am walking into the kitchen. The dishes are all cleaned. Don’t be silly I tell myself. I race to the bathroom to splash some water on my face but gasp as I notice two small holes in my neck. My hair, It is so dark! Who am I? Oh no, what am I? As I let out a scream I see that I also have fangs. Then just as I finish screaming I hear low, dark laughter echo around me. It wasn’t a dream, it was a nightmare, but it was a living nightmare! The deadly man transformed me. Now I am deadly.

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