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December 2, 2007
By Anonymous

Every Monday morning was an early one for the Gibson boys Scott and Andrew. It was their neighborhood duty to deliver a newspaper for every house in their community. Not only did they have to deliver to their own neighborhood but today they had to deliver to an extra street on the East side because Danny, from the East side community, had to be at school early and needed the boys to help him. Knowing how large their job had just become Mrs. Gibson, suggested,

“ Why don’t we all get in the van and I’ll drive you to the East side. Because I don't want you two to cross Manning Street, its too busy.”

“Alright.” said Scott.
And with that said, the boys, along with their other four siblings jumped in the van and started the morning off. Down each street they went, throwing papers onto people’s driveways. After they had finished thier own neighborhoods, they started for yjr East side.
Crossing Manning Street, they arrived at the first neighborhood. Turning the corner for the next street, Essie Way, they got a few houses down when suddenly Mrs. Gibson screeched on her brakes.

“What on earth?” she asked, staring at the road ahead.

All the kids, leaning up from their seats, looked out the front window of the van. Sitting, frightened, in the middle of the street was a small gray kitten. That was it. As soon as all the kids saw the poor kitten in the road, the doors were burst open and every last one was out of the car running towards the little ball of fur in the road. It is not known who exactly picked up the kitten first because both Scott and Andrew claim they did, but what is known is that they were captivated with that kitten. Mrs. Gibson getting out of the van, walked toward the children.

“Can we keep it??” asked Christine, the youngest.
This was question Mrs. Gibson was dreading.

“Oh no, sweetie. This cat isn’t even ours and I’m not sure your father would like a pet.”

“But we have too!” said Christine raising her voice.
Thinking more about the situation, Mrs. Gibson decided that they needed to finish their route and then worry about the kitten. They kept going along, taking turns throwing papers, then immediately bringing their attention back to the kitten.

They turned around a corner and entered a townhouse complex. The kitten perked up from the back and stared out the window.

“I think she recognizes this place,” said Mrs. Gibson. “Scott open the door and put the cat outside. Let’s see if she goes to one of the homes.”

Reluctantly, Scott opened the car door and placed the kitten outside.

It wobbled a few steps, then jumped onto the sidewalk of a home . Sitting there, it turned around and faced the car. Slowly driving away, the children whined and complained why they had to leave the kitten. Then a woman emerged from the home and yelled out, “Don’t you leave that cat in this neighborhood!!”

“I’m sorry, I thought it might belong to this home. We found it on Essie Way down the road,” Mrs. Gibson replied.

“Well, it doesn't belong to me and we have enough stray cats around here anyways,” the woman exclaimed, walking back into her house.

“Well, go pick the cat up Scott.”
Jumping out of the car, Scott ran and picked the kitten up.

“Mom, please can we please please keep it!!” , begged Andrew.

I really don’t know darling, its just we can’t have a pet right now.”

“Why not?” asked many voices. “We will talk to you father and see what he says,” she answered.

Arriving at home, all the children played and gave the kitten warm milk. Mrs. Gibson deciding not to wait, called Mr. Gibson. After some talking and reasoning, a decision was made. Walking back into the living room, the kids all looked up at her while Andrew held the kitten.

“We can keep it,” She said, smiling. All the children got up and hugged their mother excitedly. That afternoon they gave the kitten a bath and sat in the living room deciding on a name. After going through many names, they all decided Essie was the name appropriate for the precious kitten, for it was on Essie Way they had found her.

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