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February 16, 2011
By purplebutterfly SILVER, Sweet Home, Oregon
purplebutterfly SILVER, Sweet Home, Oregon
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Do you get the feeling that someone is watching you? well i do sometimes. I mostly think that it's someone watching me but then there are times that i just don't know or understand. I always wonder why there isn't any explanation to things that i can see or think. My senses act up and that's when my hearing goes bizerk and so does my sight. my mind gets stretched and morphed into some mystical little piece of work. Deep thinking and breathing is all i know how to do. Then my vision comes into play and i can imagine anything that i want. The color of life which changes into the light of the sky into a blink of an eye. Allusions are most fun sometimes but can be scary once you use your mind. The seasons come into play next. Our moods change as if we were a season like for example Summer, we all get hot headed from one thing to another. Our minds control our feelings like our senses control our minds. Imagination IS everything.!

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