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The Girl That Lied!

October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

There was a girl named Alejandra. She is in 7th grade and she was just a month until she went to 8th grade. She was well-known at her school. Everyone liked her. There were a couple of kids who didn’t like her, but she didn’t care. As long as she had her friends with her she was fine.

One day she was in her 6th period. She asked the teacher if she could go to the bathroom. He said “yes”, she went. As she was walking she saw a group of her friends. She stopped and said hi. Stacie and her friends were sitting there talking. Stacie asked her friend a question. Stacie’s friend Kristina said were did you hear that Stacie didn’t want to say that her friend said it so she put the blame on this one girl she hated. Her name was Stephanie. When Stacie told Kristina that Kristina got so mad she wanted to bet her up for something she didn’t do.

The bell rang and it was time to go home. As soon as Kristina saw Stephanie, Kristina ran to Stephanie and said why are you talking about me. Stephanie had this weird look on her face Kristina just ignored it and went home. The next day everybody was saying that Stacie was just spreading rumors that Stephanie had said that but, she really didn’t. Everybody was against Stacie because she was just saying that Stephanie said it because she didn’t like her. So Kristina didn’t know whose side to go on. If she should go with Stacie or Stephanie’s side.

She went with Stacie’s side because she didn’t believe everybody else. Kristina was going to fight Stephanie for talking about Kristina. Kristina wanted to fight after school but Stephanie was scared so she just went home. The next day came and everybody was going up to Stephanie asking her why she didn’t want to fight Kristina but, she ignored them. Kristina changed her mind and went on Stephanie’s side. Stacie was mad but she dealed with it. It was after school that Kristina was going to fight Stacie. Everybody came up to Stacie and asked if Stacie was going to fight Kristina.

As she was walking home Kristina called Stacie and right when Stacie came up to Kristina, Kristina started to hit Stacie. Everybody gathered around and Stacie’s friend got Kristina to stop. Stacie started to walk home. When she got home she called her mom and Stacie’s mom was so mad. The police came and started to ask questions. Stacie was so mad because she didn’t even touch Kristina. She didn’t want to come to school so her parents let her stay home.

The next day she went to school she thought she was going to made fun of but she didn’t. Her friends were there for her and she was so happy.

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