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The Camping Trip

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

The bell rang and the kids shouted, “Story time.” I am a teacher for the First Grade. The kids in my school loved story time.
I said, “Today instead of reading a book I am going to tell my own story.” The kids seemed less excited but I told them it was going to be good. I started my story:

“When I was about your age, I really loved sports. I liked baseball, especially the Giants, which were my favorite team. This was 1981 and I was in the YMCA. I would go after school everyday.

I didn’t like the Y, that’s what we called it when I was your age. So it was the last day of school and I went to the Y and they passed out flyers to everyone.
It read, “Would you like to throw out the first pitch at a Giants baseball game. Now is your chance, go to your head staff and sign up. There will be series of events that will test your skills in physical things. Don’t worry the expenses come with the YMCA through out the summer whoever wins the majority of the events will throw out the first pitch of the Giants game.” It was Sunday and I came to the YMCA and they told us we would be going to a camp this weekend for the first event. My parents had to sign a permission slip before going.
I said “Okay I will ask my parents to go.”

They said, “Okay but you will be back on Monday.”

I said “yeah.”
So it was the day we are leaving, we were leaving at five o’clock PM. We got on to our bus and we had to go over the emergency exits, and we were off. There were only five people in our bus. I brought a book to keep me company. But it was dark in less then an hour.

The bus driver said “It will take 4 hours to get there.” So we went to a red robin for dinner. It was a classic dinner. I had a cheeseburger and it was great, and for dessert I hade a chocolate milkshake. We were on our way to camp we were still two hours away. I was a little scared of the dark but I was okay. I could tell we were on a windy road. I all of a sudden heard a pop and we started to slow down then started to speed up.

I yelled “What’s going on!?”

“I think the steering wheel broke because I can’t steer” said the bus driver. The funny thing was no one was scared there was no emotion; everyone’s face was just blank. Then all of a sudden the bus started to rumble and I lost my footing.

“Ow.” I yelled. No one was doing any thing, just the same blank face. Then we started tumbling and getting tossed around like rag dolls. No one was doing anything except me. Then it was over, I knew I was hurt but not dead. I used all the strength in me and got up and every one was sitting there with the same expression.

“This cant be happening to me.” I said. Suddenly I felt better and got up, and no one was in the bus. I looked up and there was a light.

I said “What is going?”

Then my friend Jerry said, “J.T. come on we just got here.”

“What didn’t you just feel that crash,” I said.

Jerry said “All I felt was your breath as you were snoring.” Then I knew that it was all a dream.

“Was I sleeping on the bus.” I said.

“Yes you were.” Jerry said laughing.

“Ok.” I said. We had a few laughs and then we got over it. Then we took a tour of the place. There were at least fifty people in our camp. Then we had to get ready for bed.

The next day we were told by our consolers that we will be having one event today.

“The first event is like a giant race that will take you at least three hours to complete,” said the consoler. We went threw the race and we went to the next day. The next day we did an event that we split into teams, and we did this event was it was we had all these direction in a race. It was fun but I was tired and ready to get home.

We came home at nine o’clock in the morning. I came home and my parents were asking me all of these questions.

My mom said, “So J.T. how was your trip?”

“It was fun” I said. I told about the crazy dream I had, they started to laugh.
I went to the Y the next day and I decided to quit the baseball thing.

“So why did you quit” The head staff person asked.

“It’s a long story,” I said

“So that’s my story on camping,” I said. The kids started clapping. The day was almost over, and the kids had already started cleaning up.

I said, “Remember your homework”. They all somewhat said okay. Then the day was over.

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