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The Beach Abduction

November 3, 2007
By Anonymous

Chapter 1

“Have a nice day Mrs. Smith,” Hayley said as Mrs. Smith was leaving from her appointment with Dr. O’Connor. Hayley was a secretary for Dr. O’Connor. She had worked there for over a year. She got paid really well and since she was living on her own, it was ok pay.

Hayley had a boyfriend named Parker. He lived on his own too. They had been dating for a year today. He goes to Dr. O’Connor for his physicals. Parker was a sports freak. He played any game, any time. So since he loved sports so much, he worked at a sports store, the best one in town.

Hayley constantly thought about Parker, especially today. Tonight they were going to the most romantic place in town. The place was called Lover’s Gather. Hayley was thinking about what she was going to wear when Dr. O’Connor broke her thoughts.

“HAYLEY! Wake up! Stop daydreaming! I need to ask you something!” Dr.O'Connor yelled.

“I’m sorry Dr., I was just thinking about tonight,” Hayley said in a dreamy voice, “What do you need?”

“I was wondering if you could stay late today, but I see you already have plans.”

“Yes I do doctor. I’m going to Lover’s Gather with my boyfriend. It’s our anniversary today. One year we have been dating.”

“That’s lovely. When are you going because I’ve heard it gets really busy, especially on Friday nights,” Dr O’Connor said with lots of interest in his voice.

“Well Parker made reservations for six, so I better get going,” She said while packing up and looking at the clock saying 4:01. She was supposed to get off a minute ago to get ready for tonight.

Chapter 2

Hayley has a good sized apartment. She has a roommate named Ashlee. They’ve been best friends since 2nd grade and now they live together. Ashlee worked as a bar tender, so she wasn’t home too often. She never spends time with Hayley anymore. But tonight was different. Ashlee took the night off so she could help Hayley get ready for her date.

“Ashlee. Are you here?” Hayley asked as she opened the door to the apartment. “Ashlee? Is that you?” Taking a few more steps in she saw it was her. Ashlee was going though Hayley’s clothes.

“Ashlee, what are you doing going through my clothes?”

“I was just…just…just finding you something to wear tonight. I thought this would be a good outfit,” Ashlee stuttered while pulling up a brand new pair of pants and a new shirt that still had the tags on them. They were the ones that Hayley just bought. Hayley liked the outfit but didn’t think it was good for this date.

“I was thinking something dressier. How about the dress that Parker gave me on our six-month anniversary? I know that he will like because if not then why did he buy it?”

“I like that dress, just put a top underneath… its shows a little much. And remember to put on the perfume he got you the other day,” Ashlee yelled in to Hayley’s room from the kitchen.

“Okay I will. What are you going to do with yourself after I leave?”

“I’ll go to the mall and shop. I need new jeans and a work shirt. Then stop for a cup of coffee or a smoothie, whatever I’m in the mood for. Do you know what time you’ll be back?”

“No, but I may not come back. I may stay the night with Parker, but I don’t know how his day at work went. If he had a long day then I’ll be back tonight. If he didn’t have a harsh day then I’ll see you in the morning before you leave. I have to get ready now, so I’m not late to Lover’s Gather. That’s were he is meeting me,” Hayley said so fast it took Ashlee a minute to understand it all.

“Did you guys make reservations? I heard it gets really busy there. When did he say he’d meet you?” Ashlee asked but saw Hayley didn’t hear her. She went into her room to get ready.
Chapter 3

“Hayley if you don’t leave now then you’ll be late!” Ashlee yelled to Hayley from on the couch in the living room. “You don’t want me to come in there, do you?”

Hayley had music blaring. She always had her music on, even at work. Ashlee thought it was crazy.

“Hayley, I’M COMING IN!” Ashlee screamed, now in front of her door.

Ashlee opened the door to find Hayley just sitting on her bed, all ready to go. She was wearing the floor length dress that was pretty sky-water blue. The top underneath was a navy blue and made the light colors of the dress stand out. Hayley smelled like the beach and flowers. She looked four inches higher with her black stilettos. Hayley was all ready but just sitting there.

“Hayley are you okay? You look as if you just saw a ghost. We better get going or you’ll be late,” Ashlee exclaimed, “Are you coming?”

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you in the car.” Hayley stuttered. She didn’t want to go. She felt safe and secure in her room. The last thing she wanted to do was tonight go out into the public.

“OK,” Ashlee started to get up then saw Hayley was still sitting there staring out the window. “Here let me help you up,” Ashlee offered, “Take my hand…HAYLEY!!!! We need to get going or you will be late,” Now Ashlee was starting to get annoyed.

“Sorry. I’m coming,” Standing up now, Hayley felt dizzy. She knew what she saw. Someone was watching her get ready. The last thing she wanted to do was tell Ashlee what she saw. Hayley knew Ashlee would never believe what Hayley said. Ashlee thought Hayley was crazy most of the time, for even thinking like that.

“Watch your step. Don’t trip over your dress Hayley!” Ashlee said while almost tripping herself.

“I won’t. I know how to handle my dress and shoes, MOM!” Hayley joked with Ashlee. “She always acts like my mom,” Hayley thought but decided not to say it out loud. She knew it would ruin their friendship. “Hey wait up, would you?”

“Come on slow-poke. I call driving.”

“Well you have to drive. You expect me to drive in my high-heels and this dress? You are crazy if you want me to do that.”
Chapter 4

“Why were you just sitting there, staring out the window? Did you see something or were just thinking?” Ashlee said with lots of concern in her voice. She was now driving and seemed too into it. “You seem so down today. You should be happy. Today is your anniversary.”

“I know but I know what I saw and it wasn’t pretty. I would tell you but I don’t think you would believe me. You’d say I’m crazy and have no life. All I do is just stare out the window,” Hayley said, so down she really didn’t want to go to this date.

“Okay. Lay it on me,” Ashlee snickered.

“Okay, but you may not like it. Well I think I saw someone staring at me through the window while I was getting ready. I really didn’t get to see a face, but it has to be someone who knows where I live. I have this sick feeling that it’s someone I work with. But the only one that is in the office is Dr.O’Connor and he said he was staying late today. I’m so scared and afraid that someone saw me,” Hayley started to get shaky.

“Hayley, you always think someone is watching you somewhere. Just think of it as a squirrel. It probably was and all you saw was its tail,” now comforting Hayley.
“I hope that’s all it was. I hope your right about the whole squirrel thing but I think I saw a human. Well I’ll see you later and remember not to stay out too late tonight. Don’t wait up for me,” Hayley reminded Ashlee.
Chapter 5

“Hayley, you look beautiful. Hey didn’t we get that dress together? You smell like the beach and flowers. I love you and happy anniversary,” Parker said when handing her the present, “Open it now. I know you’ll like it.”

Hayley opened the present to find a jewelry container. Parker always gave her jewelry for any occasion. “Parker it’s wonderful and so pretty. I love it and I love you too. It has one big diamond and I’m guessing that stands for one year?” Hayley questioned.

“Yes it does. Well our table is waiting for us so let’s go sit down.” Parker motioned to the door.

Hayley was weary of going in but she did anyways. She knew that Parker was with her, nothing could happen. Who would want to mess with him anyways? He looked big and scary, but Hayley knew he would never hurt her. He loved her so much. They both thought about each other every second. Sometimes Hayley would think of him a little too much.

“What would you like to drink?” The waiter asked them.

“Two glasses of water and the red wine that is on special tonight. Hayley is that OK with you? I know you like red wine. This is a sweet and fruity wine from Italy. Correct waiter?”

“Yes, that is correct. Ma’am. Is that all you would like for right now?”

“Yes, thank you. So Parker how was your day?” Hayley asked with interest.

“Well, believe it or not, I didn’t go to work today. I went to the mall and got this suit. Do you like it? It was the best one there, ” Parker said with lots of enthusiasm.

“It’s wonderful. What else did you buy or that all you went for?” Hayley asked distractedly. She was sort of bored. She kept looking around for that someone or something that was watching her earlier. Hayley knew what she saw. Hayley got lost in her thoughts when Parker broke them in to pieces.

“Hey Hayley. I’ve got to tell you something important. I just got news that I’m getting a promotion. I don’t have to stock selves anymore! And I’m going to have better hours and pay. The new hours will be from nine to five, and the pay will be double what I used to get. Isn’t that wonderful!”

“Yeah, that’s great.” Hayley said, surprised.

“Here are your drinks. Enjoy. Do you know what you want for dinner ma’am?” The waiter asked.

They ordered a meal to share. The meal took forever, but finally it came.

“Sorry for the delay.”

“It’s okay.” Parker said in a forgiving voice. Hayley took a few bites then Parker started to get up. Then Hayley knew what he was going to do. Parker walked over to her and bent down. “Hayley, will you marry me?” Romantically Parker asked, while pulling out a huge diamond

“YES! Yes I will!” Hayley screamed. Everyone in the restaurant looked at them. “I thought you would never ask!”

“Well I did. Come give me a big hug and your finger,” Hayley handed him her hand and he put the ring on her with great care. “I hope it fits. I remember your size for when we looked at them the other week. I got the one that you liked.”
Chapter 6

“Dinner was great Parker, thanks,” Hayley said with a full look on her face. The food was overflowing the plate as well as their stomachs. After they paid at the front desk they went out on to the street. Hand in hand they walked to the back of the restaurant where the beach is.

“It’s so beautiful here tonight, Parker. I’m so glad I’m here with you and not anyone else,” Hayley said joyfully. “This ring looks so pretty on me don’t you think?”

“It sure does. I just knew that it would be you all the way.”

“Parker, I have to tell you about something that happened earlier. You’re the only one I think I can trust right now,” Hayley said with out even waiting for an answer, “I think I saw someone staring into my window today while I was getting ready. I told Ashlee, but she thinks it was just a squirrel. I could’ve sworn it was someone I work with because if not then who else knows where I live? I really don’t want to believe it but inside I do.” Now shaking, Parker tries to comfort her. Slowly Hayley comes back to life. “Parker what should I do?”

“Well, first off I’ll go to a bathroom and find you some tissues. You wait here on this bench and I’ll be back. Stay here and look at the beach. Stare off into the sunset, you’ll get lost in there.”

“I’ll wait right here,” Hayley said but she really didn’t want to stay here all alone. There were plenty of people on the beach so if someone was to take her someone would notice. Hayley was reassuring herself of this when someone came up behind her.

“Finally you’re alone and you’re mine,” This scary voice said from behind her.

Chapter 7

“Please don’t take me! NO! I don’t want to go with you!” Hayley screamed while this strong, enormous man was dragging her off of the bench and down towards the water. Hayley had bad thoughts about this. She read books about people getting abducted then killed on the beach and other tourist sites. Their bodies just dumped and left there for everyone to see. Hayley was almost at the water when she heard the cries of people yelling, “Call the police! Call the police!” Then one person tried to jump onto the big man and attack him, but all that he did was throw him off.
“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Hayley yelled over all the people.
“If you knew who and what I wanted then we would have already been married!” The strange man said. “I’m Dr.O’Connor and I’m here to kill you!” While he said this, he put her head in the water. He had her under for thirty seconds when someone pulled her up.
“Stop! You are under arrest for abduction,” A policeman yelled at Dr.O’Connor. “Put her down and you don’t get hurt.”

“NO! I’ve wanted to do this for a year now. I’ve found the perfect time. I’m going to put water in her lungs so she dies. Then I don’t have to listen to her brag about her boyfriend. She does everyday and she is so pretty, so I got jealous. That is why I as doing to kill her.”
“If you give her up now, you wouldn’t have that much of a punishment.”
“Fine.” Dr. O’Connor said all depressed. He wanted to kill Hayley.
Chapter 8
“Hayley. Wake up. Everything is OK now, really. You can wake up and don’t have to worry. I’m here for you,” Parker said, trying to wake her up, “Dr. O’Connor is now in jail. You don’t have to worry about him ever again,” Parker saw that she was starting to wake up. All he had to do was talk to her a little more and she’ll be wide-awake in no time. “Hayley, Ashlee is here, so when you wake up she is here waiting.”
“You can stop with the baby talk. Do I look like a baby, because if I do then you’ll be marring a baby,” Hayley snickered, “I’m just kidding, Parker. I love you and I know you love me too.” When she opened her eyes she found Parker and Ashlee hovering around her. “Please give me some breathing room.”
“As you command. Hayley I want to tell you that your boss tried to kill you and now he is in jail. I figured you maybe happy about that. Now you don’t have to go to work and don’t have Dr.O’Connor on your back,” Parker said.
“Yes, and I’m glad that he is in jail. The only monkey I have on my back now is you, but I don’t want you to get off. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

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