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The Chase

November 4, 2007
By Anonymous

“ Some say he is the greatest, some say he is a myth, but, I know who this man really is, I know, because this man, is me!” I am considered to be the greatest criminal in the history of the world. I once escaped being surrounded by ten cops with just a few bruises and cuts and still, they don’t know my identity. To everyone, I am known as Bill, the construction worker; but at night, I’m known as Creeper, the infamous robber!

I didn’t start out like this; no, I was once a normal kid with great parents and friends. I all changed when one night my parents were murdered on their way back from a baseball game. This tore me apart from the inside out. I, to this day have vowed to track the villain down and end his days forever. After implementing the plan, I got attracted to the feeling of revenge and chased it. I can now rob a bank never setting off the expensive alarm system.

Now I’m going to do the unthinkable. I’m going to try and rob the most protected money vault in New York City. I just can’t go there and rob it; I must think of a plan. Once Finishing the plan I made my move. I got into my car, put on my black stealth suit, and made my departure. Getting there I looked for cameras. There were three to the left and three to the right and they were all hidden in the trees. I didn’t know how to take them out but then I saw a pile of rocks lying just underneath the trees. I took the rocks and threw them at the cameras, smashing each of them eventually. Then it was on to phase II: infiltrating the building. All the doors were locked , of course. I had to begin thinking creatively and find another way into the vault. I decided the best way to do it was “movie style” and go through the roof. After quietly getting in through a small hole that I made in the roof, all seemed to be quiet. That’s when I saw the vault and begin to hack at it. As soon as I opened the heavy vault, an entire series of fluorescent lasers shot out and set off a dozen alarms! I had to rush to get out before the cops came, but it was too late. Police lights flashed through the windows, sirens were blared, and the voices of hundreds of cops filled my ears. I knew I was in trouble this time. I had gotten out of these situations before, and began to devise a plan on how to escape this new mess I was in.

I took off out the back door and I heard the cops yell,” He’s on the move, don’t let him get away!”

I found an unlocked car and quickly hotwired the system. Hearing the engine roar, with some trouble at first, I jumped into the front seat and sped away. The gas gauge said “¼ full” so I quickly thought, I have to lose them rapidly! Their bright lights shot through my car, as they were gaining on me fast. They started shooting at my speeding car, and I heard the bullets bounce off the sides of the car. Suddenly my window shattered and I knew that they weren’t going to stop and they either had the car stopped or me, dead. “BOOM!” my tire blew out and sparks went flying everywhere. ”BOOM!” another tire blew out! I started to skid out of control. People were diving out of the way as my car rammed a small fruit stand and several watermelons splattered all over the front windshield! I couldn’t see! I turned on the windshield wipers and got the seeded watermelon mess out of the way but I was already heading for a wall. CRASH! I hit the wall and my airbag slammed me in the face. I clamored out of the car but the police had already surrounded me. I gave up, at that point. They apprehended me, at which I time I said “ I’ll escape, I am the greatest!” The arresting officer said, “Ha, we’ve heard it all before”. I was then handcuffed and sent to the nearest police car. nearby officer said something, which made the officer holding me turn around. They said something to each other, only taking their eyes off of me for a split second. When the officer holding me turned back around, to his surprise, the only thing he was holding were empty handcuffs. I had disappeared with a flash and lived to rob another day. In a low whisper, as I snuck away in the night, I said, “ I tried to tell them, I am the greatest”.

As I grew older, I slowed down a bit and I wasn’t as fresh as I used to be. One day, the police located my house and surrounded the area. I had no choice but to give in and let them take me to jail. Being in total confinement has given me the time to rethink my life and find out what went wrong and why I gave in to the worst disease ever…. vengeance. So if your reading this then I’m dead by now but you will know that was the greatest robber that’s ever lived. I hope you get out of there alive. I probably won’t but at least you will know how I almost committed one of the most historic crimes that’s will hopefully go down in history.

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