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What If We Had No Tomorrow?

May 24, 2011
By taylorf463 GOLD, Marion, Kentucky
taylorf463 GOLD, Marion, Kentucky
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An ending was an ending. No matter how many pages of sentences and paragraphs of great stories let up to it, it would always had the last word.

Could this be the last? Could we all die tomorrow? I know many people avoid questions like these like the plague, and with good reason. I mean, who really wants to talk about dying? I don’t. But it’s something we all will have to face. No one can live forever. Even though we feel like we have our whole lives stretched out before us, what if there was no tomorrow? I mean, we’re TEENAGERS for crying out loud. We shouldn’t be worried about things like that. We should be focused on who is dating who and what I made on that last math test. Those are the kinds of things teenagers should be thinking about.
Adults always say that youth is the best time of life. And for some it is. It’s their only chance at life. Why would someone die so young? So full of promise? What is right or just about that? We should be out, having fun; making mistakes only to make them again because we didn’t learn the first time. We should be worried about if our boyfriend or girlfriend is mad at us. And are you going to John’s party Saturday? I heard there’s going to be *gasp* alcohol. Those are the kinds of things teenagers are supposed to be doing. Riding around with your friends and going out on the boat during summer. Adults say this is the best time of our life. Between the hormones and crazy parents, sometimes I wonder. But deep down I know they’re probably right. You don’t get times like these back. Ever.
So are you living how you want to die? If some people really thought about this they would go wild. This isn’t what this is about or encouraging. Are you living to your fullest? Do you have regrets? I never thought I'd regret anything. But I have a list I can look back on and I do. I regret not being more forward. I regret not going out that night. But there are also those times you’re grateful for. That night you didn’t get into that truck. That night you were at home sick. Sometimes those feel like the worst things that can happen, but they’re really blessings in disguise.
My freshman year is over. Somehow it’s all done and I’ll never get to go to those classes again. I’ll never get to goof off and make stupid videos with my friends. We are all changing and we are all going down different paths. That’s how life is. You can’t hold on to something because it feels safe and you know you’ll be fine. You have to keep moving forward. You have no choice.
I listened to If Today Was Your Last Day by: Nickelback. Think about some of those questions that they ask. Would you say goodbye to everything? Would call old friends you never see? Would you forgive your enemies? And would you find the one? Would you be able to stand and tell them how you feel? Sometimes its words like that you don’t say and regret the most. Your mind always finds a way to think back to something and wonder if you had said just a few more words or done one thing differently if everything wouldn’t be like it is.
If you had stood up and looked into someone’s eyes and said, “I love you.” Would everything change? So what if today is your last day? How are you going to spend it? No one is guaranteed to life. It can be taken away just as quickly as it’s given. Have you ever really stopped and thought of the value of your life? Every single person has impacted so many different people. Every word you say has some impact on someone. Would you watch the things you say? Or would you start going to church? Everyone likes to talk about how this ‘End of the World’ stuff is all made up, but what if it’s not? What if we are close to the end; would you be able to face God? Would you be able to live up to everything you’ve done? I wouldn’t, but I’m not you.
So, what if we had no tomorrow?

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I just started typing and this is what came of it...

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