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August 14, 2011
By xwritingonwallsx GOLD, South Burlington, Vermont
xwritingonwallsx GOLD, South Burlington, Vermont
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Rayne was a beautiful goddess. She had long, black hair that always rested perfectly against her. Although Immortal, she spent her time watching the mortals. The gods knew she wanted to be one, and she was so close.
She was younger at the time. There was everything to look forward to, for when you would finally reach the late teens. Only, there wasn’t. Not for people like Rayne. Others would live their lives with drama and other nonsense that they were able to inhale in a regular day. Sure, she was happy to call herself smart, beautiful, and careful. But that wasn’t the problem. She longed for something else.
Loneliness continued to consume her mind and began entering every thought. How could others not see what was going on? Other people were suffering, just as she was. No, it wasn’t depression. Nor lack of social contact. The feeling could be described as being held back from everything you could imagine. You were not able to discover what you could do. And when, if you ever did, it was too late.
There was much more to life than anyone else bothered to see. A shame, it was, at least to her, that the gods had to take control of the mortals’ lives. Look at the lives and fates that people were living. It didn’t make sense to her that a higher power was needed. She didn’t want to be a part of it. She belonged among those mortals and so did the others. But as time passed, she continued to look down on the mortals. She watched their lives and watched the gods toy with them. They were sickened by Rayne’s longing, just as much as Rayne was sickened by their happiness. And finally, she had to become a part of it all. Eventually every god and goddess was to have a power, something that could change the world, good or bad. She continued to stare down at the mortals. What power could I posses to make them all understand. Maybe, just maybe, I could choose a power that would slip past the others as a sign and allow the mortals to understand. Just one mortal is all it would take. And so she continued to stare. The others all watched her, day to day, anxious to have her hold a power. Become one of them. Maybe she would finally accept who she was.
Finally, she got up and went over to the others. “I have decided on a power that I am to bestow among the world. I shall hold a power that helps the world and hurts it. What I am speaking of, is rain. Not my name, but rain, water that goes down to earth. It helps give plants life and people hope, but drowns the plants and leads to people’s sorrows.”
“A fine decision, it seems. I am glad to call you one of us, my daughter. You have finally seen our side of things. We gods are meant to guide people. If they choose not to accept our will to help, they then choose for us to ruin the gifts that we have given,” Zeus said, happy as ever.

Rayne soon left. She went back to the window where she watched the mortals. Making it rain every so often to see if anyone would understand. People were led to believe that rain represented sadness, sorrow, and tears. But they never did grasp the true cause of it all. Not one person understood that they weren’t living their own life. The higher power was not as good as they thought. They were never going to understand that they were simply actors in a movie, with no say of what goes on. Their talents were not created by them, but given to them by the gods.

Rayne continued to watch out that window every day. Until finally one person would be brave enough to brake through the curse.

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A mythical story

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