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Hades to Creon (Greek mythology-Antigone play)

September 10, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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My lowly servant Creon,

How small you are. Even to be squashed under the smallest of my toes. You are like sand compared to my shining immortality. To not see you spend every moment devoting yourself to me is incredibly foolish. Is this not what you want from your people? Yet you are not even a 1/800 as worthy as I! I am Hades! Lord of the dead! I am the oldest of my brothers and gloat in my glory! You cannot ever escape the reality of me. You will visit me one day and I shall punish you accordingly in death for the persecution of Antigone, my beloved servant.

I see you reading this. You are shaking and sweating. Careful not to drop this near your feet! It was written in the blood that will flow out of you and when you are finished it shall be engulfed in the flames from my own mouth. Antigone was denied a burial after death and a wedding of celebration! Antigone told you,
“Hades craves these rites, nevertheless.” In reference to her fallen brother whom you so dishonored! Did you listen?! NO! You infuriated me for too long!! My servant is dead and she shall be honored in my kingdom of Death. I shall let her marry her deceased betrothed.

You shall rot in the deepest pits of Tartarus!! Perhaps after years I may forgive your debt. I allowed my Furies to descend against you just as your blind prophet told you! He allowed you before its time to know that “for these crimes the avenging destroyers, the Furies of Hades and of the gods, lie in ambush for you, waiting to seize you in these same sufferings.” These same sufferings are now upon you! I have taken your son and wife so that Antigone will not experience the loneliness you will suffer for years. May you learn to devote yourself to endless worship to myself and the gods. Humble your spirit and do not let yourself forget I hold your breath in my fist. You are nothing.
Pray I do not unleash my power.
The almighty Hades

The author's comments:
My English 2 Class had me read Antigone and this was a letter I had the mythical Hades write to King Creon XD)

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