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Kyalara The Lost Rambler

October 21, 2011
By Bka341997 GOLD, Bigfork, Montana
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Kyalara was imprisoned by her husband, Zeleon, the god of jealousy. The marriage arranged by the God of Gods, Markolepic, to keep the jealous god happy. She had no choice but to stay when a house of stone was made to home them. With no door in which to escape she was a caged bird unable to follow the calls of the wind and the grass, the sea and the mountains, consequently she became stationary. She could not be arsed to do anything. Even the simplest of tasks. Her heart was in a silent death.

On a fall day Kyalara stared out her skylight at the leafs falling on the top of her prison. She outstretched her arm to grab one like all the times she had when she was free, but no leaf touched her fingertips and the breeze did not tangle her hair, she could not smell the grass. At this she cried.

Dylo the god of adventure, looked over Kyalara and was infuriated. A rambler, detained from her calling. He allowed a array of leafs to fall to her. She was shocked at the sight of yellow, red, and orange arranged on her bed. She looked up for an escape, but to her disappointment there was no opening.

“Who is it to give me such false hope?" she asked the sky.

At this Dylo appeared before her.

"I knew it had to be the work of a god." she sighed. "Why is it you give me this joy?" she said holding a handful of leafs.

"You are a rambler, one of the only gods to follow the path there heart takes them, you are imprisoned. I gave you what you most wished for that moment, to feel the outside, a piece of the world."

"Can you let me feel the world beneath my feet, in my hair, and on my palms. Can you let me be free, when my only desire is so far away?" she asked with slight hope.

"No but I can guide you, to take the journey." Dylo stated.

"A journey within a house? Its impossible. How can I go on a journey when I am enclosed in these four walls?"

"A journey is not about a distance you can measure, but how far your heart and your soul carry you." He said, disappearing.

Kyalara planed he escape. She called to Lee, the god of woodwork, and asked him to carve her a woman of great beauty.

"Even more beautiful than you?" He asked.


He agreed, being kind hearted as he was. He did not question her, for he felt the desperation in her voice.

When the woman carving was done, it held an ample amount beauty; she called to Cenex, Queen of gods and giver of life.

"Will you bring this carving to life and give her immortality?" Kyalara asked her.

Cenex said she would not.

"I will do anything, if you are to grant me this one wish." Kyalara begged.

Cenex looked devious as she pondered about what to do about Kyalara’s offer.

"If I am to grant you this one desire, you are to never enter a human village or town, and you may never speak to a human."

Kyalara did not hesitate. "Yes. I agree."

The carving awoke, with a long intake of air. "It feels so good to move." The carving said moving her fingers and curling her toes.

Kyalara named her Anjali , the name that means offering.

Kyalara then called to Quincy the god of love.

"Quincy, will you make Zeleon fall in love with Anjali?"

"I do not take requests." He stated "Love is not about a lone woman’s desire, but I do wonder why it is you wish your husband to love a..." he looked Anjali up and down, "false woman."

"How is it you knew she was not born, that she was created?" Kyalara asked in amazement.

He did not answer.

Dylo came to her that night. "You have came very far, you must now look inside your mind to discover what to do next."

"You said to follow you heart, not your mind."

"How is it you can follow your heart with no plan, yes go where the river may take you but, occasionally a trick or two is needed to get over an obstacle."

Kyalara slept without rest and the morning that followed she entered the feast room, where she had had many long and unconversational suppers with her husband.

"Darling, I see you are feeling well. Might you be well enough to feast with me." Zeleon asked.

"Yes I feel that I may be able to eat a few bites before my company arrives."

"Company?" he asked.

"Yes a dear friend." She sat at the table, and spoke no more to her husband.

"Would you like more bread...fruit maybe?" He asked with longing to be answered by the woman that he wished to love him. "Wine?"

A few moments of silence passed as Anjali entered.

"Anjali dear come sit next to me and we shall feast, would you like some fruit, bread or wine?" Kyalara asked her with a false look of pleasure to see the woman.

"Yes." Anjali answered.

Zeleon looked at the woman who made his wife smile so greatly in such a short amount of time. She was more beautiful than his own wife, yes and seemed to please his wife more than he had. His heart filled with jealousy.

"Hello fair lady, I am Zeleon." He said with an unemotional expression.

"I am Anjali." She said with a smile.

He was unhappy about how his wife smiled in the presence of this mystery woman. What had she had that he did not. Why could she so easily make his wife smile. When he could not get her to utter a word to him. His face grew hot and he saw Kyalara smile so wide at Anjali.

He stood abruptly and walked to the end of the table. "What does she say to make you so happy!" He yelled. "Why are you so unhappy when you are with me!"

Anjali looked toward Kyalara. It was working.

"Husband, she simply has a quality that you yourself can not suffice." She said calmly. "You do not have a quality that can make me happy, we are to alike, but Anjali is a pure opposite."

Zeleon looked at Anjali and his face calmed. "I see wife, and I feel it is true to say the same about you. You simply can not please me. But Anjali is much more beautiful and I feel she would be a wife fit for a god like me. She will please me with her enchanting charm, unlike you with your dull thoughts."

And with this he opened a hatch, at the foot of his chair. "Dear lady will you kindly leave the home of my new wife, Anjali and I."

Kyalara exited the home and for the first time in many years she felt the wind blow, the birds sing and the river bellow. She took off her shoes and felt he grass on her toes, then she felt to fell it in her palms. She breathed in the air of her surroundings and started to run. She ran a great distance. The trees thinned and the sands of the beaches came, to settle under her feet.

There she meet a man, a mortal. Together they walked in silence for she may not speak to him and he had nothing he wished to say to her. Without words they found each other, and knew the story of the others past. With no words they talked for hours and with no words they found a path in which they both would follow to lead them on to the rest of there lives no matter how short or long, even if it lasted forever. They found home in the world.

The author's comments:
I made up my own gods and wrote a myth.

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