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I Said Yes

November 2, 2011
By heather_marie PLATINUM, Deshler, Ohio
heather_marie PLATINUM, Deshler, Ohio
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\\\"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control

A shot screamed in my ears and echoed throughout the silent halls, as it jerked me into reality; from being engrossed in my reading. A second and third came and pierced through my heart as I heard screams and frantic running beginning to play. I jumped out of my seat and knocked over the well worn chair. Shots rang out once again causing adrenalin to pump into my veins. I crouched down between two isles of bookshelves all the while praying to God for the lives of my classmates and mine. Fear paralyzed my movements as the shots came closer. Hot salty tears came across my eyes as I heard the door creak open. I covered my mouth from screaming with a shaking hand. I begged God for my life when the footsteps came closer to my hiding place. When I saw the two boys with shotguns in hand, the two boys who used to be just like any other student, my world shifted. Fear and sadness shifted to a peace I never, felt never knew before. I looked into those eyes that use to hold life, but now hold an unspeakable evil, a rage that hung over them like a cloke that smothered their other emotions. The one boy smiled and said "Yes to live, no to avoid death. Do you believe in God?" But you have it wrong I wanted to say, saying Yes I would live but saying no I would die. To denouce God is death in his eyes. Sirens blared with footsteps just minutes away. I got on my knees, wiped my tears and smiled. I said, "Yes."

The author's comments:
This piece is in memory of what Cassie and Rachel did. In my eyes they're heros who stood up for what they believed eventhoug they knew the outcome. In the Bible it says that if you denounce Jesus he will denouce you infront of his father our God.

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