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Weak Defenses

January 11, 2012
By Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
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"If they think you're crazy they won't mess with you."

“When is this guy going to strike again?!” The official screamed, face contorted in anger, frustration, and humiliation. “Does anyone know?!” The other men – the technical experts – shook their heads, faces pale from terror. “None of you lousy techies have any idea?!”
One of them raised a shaky hand. “S-sir… this man is a genius with the keyboard and computers.” The ‘techie’ was sounding more and more confident in himself, while the official was getting angrier and angrier. “He’s confident enough in his abilities to even leave us messages. The same one each time, even.” He glanced down at the papers in front of him. “’Haha, you government idiots have such weak defenses. Your security is just a toy to me. I only do this because it annoys you so much. You will never catch me.’”
A crack of the knuckles, a flip of the switch, and his most prized weapon is ready for use. “Let’s see… what files do I want today…” He muttered to himself, running through his mind all the places he hasn’t snooped through yet. “Maybe the government has something interesting. They’re always ‘hard’.” His chuckle was dark, mocking, as his fingers flew over the keyboard, quickly passing through firewall after firewall.
After only a few minutes, the hacker made it to the deepest sanctum of the government databases. “Child’s play,” he snorted, going through each file slowly, debating which would anger the government the most.
One of the technical experts – all of whom had been sent back to scour the databases for the hacker – jumped out of his seat. “Sir! We found something! I think it’s the hacker! He’s breached the innermost part of our security!”
“Then what are you doing standing, Frenkin?! GET THAT HACKER!” He roared.
The sound of clicking became faster, more heated, and every now and again one of them would get up to go look at Frenkin’s computer, to make sure they were on the right track to where the hacker was.
A smirk revealed how much fun the man was having, his flying fingers a blur. Now it starts to get fun.
After an hour of playing cat and mouse, the technical experts had finger cramps and pale faces. “S-sir…” Frenkin started, face paling even more. “H-he…”
The official glared at the terrified man, waiting. But when nothing came, he had to spur the man on by yelling, “He what, Frenkin?!”
“Got away,” he murmured.
Instead of taking his anger out on the failed techie, the official screamed profanities for the whole building to hear.
The hacker laughed maniacally. “That was great fun! Maybe I should do that again.”

The author's comments:
Just something I wrote to get my creativity juices flowing... Sort of. It was meant to be my essay for English, except the person who told me the prompt said it was 'Good vs. Evil'. Not 'Good influences vs. Evil influences'. That one word totally screwed me over. -_-
But I finished it anyway, and I think it's pretty good!
Please rate and comment! ^_~

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