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March 1, 2012
By IfYoureMad-KillWithKindness GOLD, West Grove, Pennsylvania
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                  Who is this girl? I feel like I know her but I just can't place a name. Where am I? What's going on? Who am I? These were all questions I asked when I laid there in the hospital bed. I didn't know the answer to any of them.
" oh, Ren. How did I let this happen to you." the girl seemed upset and she was speaking to me. I must be Ren.
" I'm sorry but who are you?" the girl looked at me with weepy eyes and a very sad expression.
" I'm your big sister, Lina. Don't you remember me?" I shook my head and her tears came down harder.
" maybe you can help me remember." 
" yeah, I will. Oh Rennie I love you so much." Lina leaned over and gave be a huge hug. It felt natural and comforting. I must love her too. 
" would you like to hear a song?" I nodded and she began singing. 
" If ever you're too sick to walk I'd carry you, I'd take care of you. If you ever feel scared and alone, I'd hold you. I'd just hold you.
I'd carry you, I'd take care of you." her voice was sweet and beautiful. " do you remember this song?" she paused waiting for my response and when I shook my head she continued, " it's by Ryan Houston, this was always your favorite lullaby song."
        She began to cry harder again, but I only saw it for a moment, for the world went dark. When I woke up it was hard to open my eyes and I could tell Lina was talking to someone even though the sounds were muffled.
" are you sure doctor?" 
" I'm sorry miss Mitchell, but the extensive head trauma is just to severe. Se was beaten to the brink of death and I'm afraid that if she does live past the next day, that she will never fully regain her memory."
" that's somewhat good I guess."
" what do you mean by that?" the man's,the doctor's voice was deep and brooding. A faint memory tingled at my mind and tears sprang to my eyes, though I didn't know why.
" I mean that, if she doesn't remember him and what he did then maybe her life would be easier for her." when I was finally able to open my eyes I could see Lina was crying again.
       The doctor left the room and Lina sat down in the chair beside me. Se held my hands in hers and would sometimes stroke my long dark hair gently. She stayed next to me for hours. Even when the nurses came in to feed me and change the bedpan and my bandages, she never let go of my hand.
            When she was almost asleep a nurse came in and put a blanket around her shoulders. As she did this I could see all the bruises on her arms, and even some around her neck. She also had little round burns on her hands and arms. Who would do something like this to someone so nice?
        The doctor seemed shocked when he came in day after day to see me still alive. Shocked but relieved as well. But he didn't know how I felt. It was getting harder and harder to open my eyes and sort out the sounds around me,  and the special ice cream they brought me tasted bland on my tongue. I knew it was coming.
       One night when Lina had, once again, fallen asleep holding onto my hand, I felt a presence in the room.  Though my eyes were closed the white room shined brighter than ever before.
" little Ren. I know how your pain makes you suffer. He doesn't want you to hurt anymore. Would you like the pain to go away?" I noodled and the voice behind the light became a face. Crystal blue eyes and pure black hair. In his hand something glistened like metal in the sun and around him black capes billowed. Despite the dark appearance his aura seemed to be of the purest white. 
" come little Ren. Is your time to find peace. Through the bright light he extended a pale bony hand and I took it with my free one. I didn't want to leave Lina all alone. What if the bad person hurt her again?
" what about Lina? " I asked him this, my eyes staring down at my sister. I may have barely knew her but I loved her all the same.
" it is not her time little one, but you will see her gain someday." with that the angelic specter pulled me from my body and for the first time I could truly see myself.
       My head was wrapped in bandages, covering long dark brown hair that was perfectly straight. My tiny hand was intertwined with Lina's and my small tan body lay limp in stark contrast on the white sheets. But I didn't feel any pain. I was sad that I was leaving Lina but I knew she would be happy for my release.
" sir, are you Mr. Death?"
" yes, little Ren. I am."
" okay, then will I get to see heaven?" Mr. Death smiled down at me and I stared up at him with my little ten year old eyes.
"close your eyes, count to three, and then open." 
" one," I shut my eyes, " two," I squeezed them tight together, " three." I opened them.
      Before lay the same seen I had witnessed before I fell asleep. The white hospital room, the beeping monitors, and of course, Lina holding my hand. Lina woke up when she felt me sit up.
" hey sunshine. You feeling okay? The operation was a success you know. They say you're gonna get better, but we'll just need to be patient with your memory."
" what are you talking about sissy?" Lina looked shocked when I called her that though I didn't know why?
" Rennie? Do you remember who I am?" I nodded.
" your my big sissy, Lina. You sing lullabies to me and you bake me cookies every Friday and let me lick the spoon, even though daddy always got angry and would hit you." tears weld in her eyes and in response, so did mine. I don't know why she asked me about my memory, I knew my sister, I remembered everything at her. I loved my sissy. I heard a beep as she pressed the nurse call button and they came in with the doctor in tow. They asked me questions about my pas and when it was all over they said I could go home in a week. 
" sissy?"
" what is it Rennie?"
" is he gonna be there?"
" no, sweetie," she pulled me into her arms as I began to cry.
" good. Because I don't like anyone who hurts my big sissy!" 
" I love you Orenda."
" I love you too, Evangeline."
        The heaven Mr. Death had promised me was here on earth. Forever by my big sister's side. Thank you Mr. Death. Now I won't ever have to forget the person who's closest to my heart.


The author's comments:
I just wanted to show how sometimes our heavens can be on earth even of the life before what changed us sucked

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