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May 14, 2012
By Vampriss GOLD, Chanute, Kansas
Vampriss GOLD, Chanute, Kansas
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He sat there, alone, in a room as dark as the night. He sat there becuase of the thoughts that had burdened him. Sould he? Would he? There was only two options. Do what they wanted or die trying to save her. What to do... Just sitting here wasn't an option, So he decided to help her. He would get her out if it ment giving his life up. Some where deep below he was thinking that they would still go after her once he was gone but right now she needed his help.He was going to save her.

She woke up. The shinning rays of sunlight poaring into her room, sparkling off her alarm clock. She opened her eyes to look at the bright day ahead of her. I wish it would last she thought. But she knew it wouldn't. As the sun set, the sky turn a beautiful pinkish then faded to black. The sun was its own gift. The one she would never see agian.

There was nosie all around. It wasn't quiet but she needed to think. Even in the libary here, she couldn't think. She had to go to her hideout. She could think there. The final bell rung and school was out but she wasn't. Her parents had signed her up for every afterschool class they could get her in. She hated them. She knew one thing though, One day she could return the favor to her parents. Her dad first. She smiled evily. She would.

He ran down the track he only had five more miles to go. He looked at the school. It wasn't a bad school, More like a kid prison. Not bad, Hell. He hated it here but loved P.E. He ran and there was no teacher to tell him what to do. He would run up to the fince that caged them like a dog, But one day he planed to get out.He just had to.

There dozen people waited for me. Down there my life. The one I was forced to live. Up here the life I chose for myself. I can hear them screaming and yelling. Time to stop dreaming. To give up and be someone I'm not. I couldn't do it. I heard the crowd go silent. Then my mother's voice speaking. "Im sorry. The concerts canceled. You can get your money back around the booths. Thanks you."

Do you belive me? No-one here did. They all thought I was crazy, But thats okay. I knew I wasn't crazy. That one night had been pitch black,with little light. I walked back out into the still cold night and gazed up at the stars. It had been late that night. The night she heard the screams. The night her life changed forever.

She sat reading a book. This book wasn't just a long book, It was a mistifing book. The long, Scribles droned on and on. She had trouble figuring out what the book said. She loved this book, even though she couldn't make out what it said. The book had mystery suronding it.Thats what made it specail.

The noise of guns. Sounded outside. There was war here something nobody understoud. The loud bangs and expoltions would ring out in the silent night. As the war raged daddy had to fight. Would he come back? Would he every see me agian?

He sat there playing with the soft clay, thinking what to shape.He looked at the window, his hands still molding the clay. He looked back at the clay and saw that he had shaped a T-rex dinoasur.

She gazed out into the pitch black night time as she walked alone the trail in the woods. She could barely make out the shape's of the trees and bushes. She loved the forest at night. She went to the forest to clear her thoughts.Its the one spot she felt safe. In the quiet place of the night, he stood there watching her walk, silently.

She sat there, shaking voilently. She could remember the memories that hanted her. When he killed her family, when he vowed to come after her. When her life crumpled. She pulled the gun up to her head and pulled lightly agianst the triger when in walked Cam, her bestfriend. "No. Don't do that, Mechelle." Then a big shot rang through the night, As her body slumped agianst Cam's. He found the note she had left under her. "I just had to do it Cam." Then he erupted in silent sobs for Mechelle.

He sat there,feeling like the world had ended and He was left there to suffer. His bestfriend had left him to go to paris and had never called. 2 months ago this happened then his parents were killed and all he had now is his brother. Tyler had gone to california and he was the special one not him. He always saw him smiling on the TV but never talked to him. He glanced at the phone and looked at his number above it. He reaced for the phone and diled it. "Hello?"

The freezing night air rushed by me. It swirled around me like a coat wraped around you. I looked up in to the black night, and saw the stars that shined. They sparklied in the pitch black sky.THe cold air was soothing to what had happened.

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