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Yin Yang

May 28, 2012
By xMIRandax SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
xMIRandax SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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Nox had always loved the night. She was, after all, named after it. Nox Lux, Night Day, the ultimate embodiment of Yin Yang. Or so she had been told.

Nox didn't believe it. She didn't think darkness and light could work together in perfect harmony. Nox had yet to see light, Goodness. The Lux to her Nox. Despite her name, she wasn't Darkness and Light. Only Darkness. She embraced it, let it devour her, and she loved every second of it. There was no need for light when contentment came with the darkness. Why would she want light to stain her wonderful night air? To bleach away the safety and softness that came with the night until all that was left was a blinding light and a mish-mash of colors and noises? She just didn't see the appeal some people found with the day.

The day was boring, and predictable. You could always see what was coming, and it could always see you. Even with the soft blanket of blackness that came with the night, there was an air mystery and danger that was addictively wonderful. And to give that up for the day? Never.

To her the night was all the Yin Yang she needed. Although there was no light, there was softness and safety, yet that aforementioned feeling of mystery and danger that got your adrenaline flowing. The blackness was soft on your eyes, yet the cool air crisp in your lungs.

Nox thought this as she danced her way down the deserted streets, breathing deeply and relishing in the feel of the icy air wrapping around her lungs, squeezing, squeezing until she couldn't breathe. And just as she was about to pass out, the air blew out of her lungs and the world danced with her.

This icy peacefulness, wrapped in shadows, was only enhanced by the gentle of lap of water on the stones that made up the harbor. The only noise was the water and the air as it flowed in and out of her lungs, the only light the moon as it reflected off the black sea that stretched on one side of her. Nox threw her head back and gazed up at the sky that loomed above her, endless as it's blackness blended in with the other shadows. As a breeze blew in off the water, Nox's long black hair swirled around her and the sky stretched out above her, she felt as if she could fly. There was no gravity in moments like this. No chains, no boundaries, no annoying people trying to latch emotions onto her and drag her down into the ground. Nothing holding her back from just leaping out into the universe and falling endlessly as the breeze pushed her hair around her. It was total freedom.

But that freedom, that peaceful serenity, was shattered as the sound of drunken laughter echoed from several streets over. Gravity took hold again and Nox felt her mouth lift in a snarl. Idiots. Her time in the night was always cut short by something. Cars, drunken men and woman, music, lights. Something.

With a sigh, Nox began to walk away from the inky depths of the harbor, and turned towards the faint glow of the inner city. Her freedom would have to continue tomorrow.

The author's comments:
This is the prologue to one of my book ideas.

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