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Bright Idea

May 28, 2012
By xMIRandax SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
xMIRandax SILVER, Ellicott City, Maryland
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“In hindsight,” Vi said from her spot splayed out on the grubby sidewalk, a rather large knife sticking into the concrete two inches from her head, “that may not have been the best idea.”

Isabella snorted from where she was, three feet away from her, “Really? You think so?” she lifted up her bleeding arm as if the rest of the situation wasn't proof enough.

“It's possible. But we can never know for sure. Who would have thought jumping off the roof to get to the other side would be dangerous?” Vi rolled her eyes up towards the tops of the buildings, as if judging the distance to see how they could have fallen short, “The chicken does it all the time.”

“I believe you're referring to the chicken crossing the road, not air.” Kyle pointed out thoughtfully as he strolled up to catch the last of the two girls conversation. “What exactly were you hoping to accomplish?”

“Well,” Vi paused to grab Kyle's hand and her knife out of the ground as he pulled her to her feet, “I was bored, and, when I looked out the window, I noticed that the buildings were close together. I wanted to see if I could make the jump.”

“Huh. Unfortunately that sounds like something you would find reasonable.” Kyle shook his head as he helped Isabella off the ground, “But what about you, my fair and oddly logical acquaintance. What was it that caused you to leap out of a third story window with the homicidal maniac?”

“Hey,” Vi protested, “All I get acknowledged by is 'the homicidal maniac'? I have a name.”

“More importantly,” Isabella cut in as she pressed the end of her shirt to the cut on her arm, “I'm just an acquaintance? That's it? We've known each other for almost ten years.”

“Uh.” Kyle looked from an indignant Vi to an insulted Isabelle. “Pass?”

Both girls scowled and punched him in the arm with Vi muttering a promise to kick his butt for a chicken sandwich later.

“What?” Kyle looked mildly alarmed at the threat, having no doubt Vi would do it if she had even the slightest urge to.

“I kinda want a chicken sandwich, so you're either going to get me one, or I'm going to mug you for it.” Vi explained as if she was telling him about a particularly nice day she had had.

Still looking alarmed, Kyle took a step back before replying, “You're the one with all the money. Buy yourself one.”

This was apparently not the answer Vi was looking for, so she punched him in the stomach and took all the money he had, a crumpled one dollar bill.

Kyle took a moment to get his breath back before standing back up and dusting himself off, because that was all he really could do. Vi may be small, but she could kick his butt any day and he knew it. After a moment of silence as Vi dug a grape lollypop from her pocket and began to eat it, he decided to ignore the entire exchange, and turned his attention back to Isabelle, “Well? Is insanity really as contagious as I thought?”

It took Isabella a moment to focus on Kyle's question, having watched him getting mugged with poorly masked amusement, before she became as indignant as Vi had been before. “No! I was trying to grab Vi as she decided to merrily hop out of the window like she was grabbing a ride on the Tube, and I got dragged out with her!” Isabella waved her arm at Vi as though it would explain the entire situation. Neither one of her friends mentioned that they were in America and here it was a subway- they had long given up that battle. Isabella had gotten rid of everything that she had picked up as a kid in London, except for calling the subway the Tube. She insisted subway should remain a sandwich place, and only a sandwich place.

“All-righty then.” Kyle shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “Wanna go find something to do with the rest of the gang?”

Vi and Isabella nodded, and the three walked down the street together, Kyle and Vi side-by-side like she hadn't just mugged him for a dollar. But that was how their friendship worked; they just went with the moment and ignored Vi's insanity as much as possible.

The author's comments:
A scene from one of my books.

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