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The Powers that Lie in You

June 14, 2012
By Dolly9471 BRONZE, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Dolly9471 BRONZE, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
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Martin Luther King Jr.

My powers surge through my veins every minute of every day. How I unlock them is unique and different from every person in this universe. Everyone has powers, but it is up to you to unlock them.
As I stroll through the awakening forest, everything is gradually coming to life. It is spring and the flowers are blooming as they whisper their sweet songs into my ear. Every time I hear their tender music, I cannot help but to sway in their gentle rhythm. I listen to the doves cooing and respond with my own melody. Back and forth we go, and then they come and sit on my shoulders and speak to me about their day. Wisty and Whit are their names, and they are always around to play. Suddenly, our conversation is interrupted by the trees creaking and groaning as if to say good morning.
I smile to my friend Trish as she reaches out her branches to me in a graceful greeting. Next, I gladly climb into the comfort of her sheltering branches as she lifts me off the ground and into the clouds, my home away from home. The condensation wraps me in its pure mist and I gladly embrace it. The water droplets enter my lips and I sigh with the delight that comes with them. There is nothing that tastes as good as the clouds, trust me. Trish entwines me and cautiously brings me back to the breathtaking forest to see the other creatures.
My ivory cotton sun dress tickles my ankles as I skip across the meadow with sheer glee. I giggle with the sensation of it all. A wisteria vine, Annabel, encircles me in a blissful dance. She caresses my cheek with her nurturing vines that feel as soft as a baby’s blanket. The smell of her fragrant blossoms makes me giddy with joy. Out of the blue, I hear an ominous sound nearby.
My senses pick up a menacing creature nearby as all of the wildlife returns to its ‘normal’ state because there is evil nearby. The flowers close up as well as my cheer. I turn to find a girl, Mona, glaring at me with complete malice as she seems to be shooting daggers at me. Though I am well aware that she is envious of my natural talents, Mona is still absolutely bone chilling. Her icy blue eyes seem to be cutting into my soul as we glare at each other. This girl has been trying to wound me in every way physically as well as mentally. She spreads false rumors about me at school that people are actually starting to believe because of her persuasive language. She is constantly being violent towards me with her evil powers that she possesses. Now she is planning to try to find weaknesses with my friends and family in any way possible! Of course they have no idea whatsoever that I have super powers, so they are not prepared.
When she moved here I attempted to become friends, but Mona’s enviousness overcame her. Well, it is time she learned not to ever mess with me or anyone else. Usually I do not use my powers to fight, but Mona is a rare exception. Besides, as a ‘normal’ human, she can easily trap me in her emotions of sadness, jealousy and hopelessness. Now, it is time to transform in order to tell Mona to leave me alone.
I concentrate on calling forth my powers while Mona is only staring at me. As my powers start to awaken, I twirl thirteen feet up into the air, defying all forces of gravity. Then, butterflies surround me bringing a mixture of water and fire in brilliant streaks of color. Next, Annabel comes and wraps me in her vines in order for me to attain my outfit. My heart is beating rapidly as wings emerge from my body. The strong sparkly wings allow me to soar into the air, effortlessly weightless. After, my skin glimmers in an unearthly glow, and I can feel the protective power surging through my veins. The butterflies disappear in a flash of white light as I touch back down to earth. Raw power makes me smirk, and Mona has a look as if she is unsure of herself.
My dress consists of a turquoise and red silk one strap dress bedazzled with diamonds all around it. Tool comes out from the bottom of my skirt that is also red as well as turquoise to give it volume. The world seems quiet as Mona and I glare at each other, loathe plainly stated in our expressions. Mona vanishes in a vortex of thick, black, pure evil. If I try to follow her, I will suffocate because only people surrounded by malicious thoughts can enter. Mona left the fight today, but she will eventually have to face me. I truly feel sorry for a girl who is so engrossed in her most dreadful emotions at such a young age. There must be a way to cleanse her soul in some way. But how?

The author's comments:
An author named Audrey Kindred came to my school and assigned me this piece. I wanted to share this with you.

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