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June 14, 2012
By Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
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Narcissus was a fine looking lad with silky blond hair and blue eyes and a handsome face. Girls from all around loved this boy and wished for him to be their husband and to give them ch he expected special treatment just for his looks. He was a poor fellow a son of a farmer yet he was treated like a king. He never work a day in his life for his family feared he could injure himself and ruin his beautiful face.

One day Narcissus was taking a walk through the forest where he came upon a nymph a beautiful nymph. He was struck with her beauty and asked of her name. Now this nymph was gifted with beauty but cursed with silence. She only repeated the last three words of a person's sentence when spoken to her. She was placed in this curse when she upsetted the goddess Hera, for she was the daughter of her husband.

Echo fell in love with Narcissus and when he asked of her name she only said the last three words of what he said.

“Child, stop playing games with me I wish to know of your name.” Narcissus persisted.

“Of your name.” Echo echoed back. She so badly wanted to tell him her name and story and how she was falling in love with the beauty but could not for she only said the last three words of what Narcissus said. Narcissus seeing that she was unable to say a complete sentence on her own mocked her. He mocked her to the point of tears and yet he still mocked her. He mocked her till the point of her running away in tears.

Aphrodite watched this scene play out, she got so furious that she cursed Narcissus that the next face he was to look upon he would fall in love with. Narcissus frightened of the curse and the goddess behind it ran till he came upon the pool of water where he stopped for a dink. In the pool he saw a reflection of a man with beautiful blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He fell in love with the face but little did he know that the face staring back up at him was his own face. He reached out a hand to run his fingers against the face but he only caused ripples in the face harming it. Horrified he dared not try again. He sat there day by day staring down at the beautiful face not eating drinking sleeping but slowly fading. He sat there till he died his hand stretched out in the water below him to touch something he was too scared to touch before.

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