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The other side of the Glass

November 1, 2012
By frogger2014 SILVER, Lafayette, Minnesota
frogger2014 SILVER, Lafayette, Minnesota
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"If a boy makes you cry, he isn't worth your tears-- and the one who is, won't make you cry."

There was a girl. She was oddly familiar.

“Who are you?” I spoke my words softly and slowly, but got no response. She was short, about 5 foot 3. She had hair that fell just beneath her shoulders and big brown warm eyes that changed colors depending on her mood. She didn’t know who she was, or what her purpose in this world is. She stood there staring back at me, mimicking my every move. When I blinked, she blinked. Startled, I spoke.

“Who are you? I whispered, no quieter than a purr of a kitten. I reached up to touch the glass between us. One more time, I spoke the words,

“Who are you?” The small whisper turned out to be echoing along the bathroom walls.

“Go away!” I screamed violently. Only then did I realize that It wasn’t another girl, it was me. I was paralyzed, not physically, but mentally. I was completely lost for words. This girl I saw was somebody I used to know, someone, who I did not want to become again. A girl with no hopes or dreams, just sadness in her eyes that could be recognized by anyone that seemed to come by. She did what she wanted when she wanted to, and had an attitude that could be recognized from ten miles away. She hated the meaning of the words “love” and “family” simply because the family she thought loved her, bailed and tore her apart, leaving her coy, ungrateful, devastated, mean and heartbroken. I felt sorry for this girl and I wanted to help. I hated the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next, but with the way my heart was pounding in my chest, I had no other choice. I had to take a leap of faith, and bury my skeletons in the past. I had to realize I’m not that ungrateful snob anymore. I have a direction but I don’t know what it is yet. I will no longer take no for an answer. I won’t let addiction take over my life. I will let myself be happy again.

“I’m not you anymore. “ I spoke clearly and directly when I said these words, being sure I was ready to move on.

“ Goodbye.”

The author's comments:
This is a short story I wrote in one of my English classes. It has a lot to do with the image I have on myself.

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