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August 26, 2008
By Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
Megan.B GOLD, Orting, Washington
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I love Halloween!I love the candy and the costumes!But most of all the candy!
Well...not last year.It was really freaky.But I geuss I should explain...

"No mom I don't want to go tricker' treating!I'm to old for that!" I yelled down to my mom from the top of the stairs.I rolled my eyes as my mom yelled back,
"But,Megan,your only twelve!And Alyssa's going!"
I was planning on not going out that night for candy,buuut,when Alyssa came in her awsome cat outfit, twirling her long,fuzzy tail around the air I got REAL annoyed at myself.What was I thinking!Passing off a chance to dress-up like a little girl AND getting candy while doing it!
"Where is your costume,Megan!"
"Oops!Gimme a minute,OK?"
I ran down to the basement as fast as my lanky legs could take me and tore open the first box.
Yes!I thought,it was my mom's wedding dress!I slipped into the slick dress and grabbed the gloves,purse,and the high heels.
"Quick,Alyssa,put my hair up and help me with the zipper!"
Afterward Alyssa stared at me for more than ten minutes as she walked around me.
I put my hands on my curved hips and siad with annoyance,
"Are we leaving any time soon, it's getting late."
She nodded dumbfounded,and turned to the door.As I walked out I realized how cold it was outside and rapped a large silk clothe around my bare shoulders.
"You know, that really makes you look like your mom?"
"Ya.I know, that's why I choose it.I wanna see if the nieghbors think it's me.Can you help real quick, these gloves are real stiff." I said picking at the fingers.I pulled off the gloves and opened the purse{Which was huge}to put the gloves in, but paused as she looked into the bottom of the bag.There was a necklace,made of pearls.I pulled it out and clipped it onto my neck.
"How does it look,Lyssa?"
She looked me up and down,then said
"I love it!"
I beamed at her enthusiam and thanked her.But then she pulled back and said
"You look better with the gloves on" With that she grabbed the gloves and shoved them onto my hands. "Now come on!We got candy to colect!"

After about fifteen houses' I had to pause to rest my heels,which was apperently really funny to Alyssa, because she was laughing.But she suddenly stopped and kneeled by me and said,
"You see the guy down there?" She pointed down the street. "He's been following us."
I got up and yelled down the road
"Hey what are you doing?Come here!" The man ran down to the girls and said,

"You must have noticed me,ma'am?I was hoping on buying that purse from you when you got home,but your friend noticed me.So what do ya say?"
We stared at each other ,I shrugged and said
"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't sell this to you now.It's my mom's.Thank you for your offer though."
A we turned to contiue the man grabbed my shoulder and said
"No, I'm sorry to say that is mine now" I turned,he had a gun!My hands tensed,I did something I never would have thought of doing in that place.
I hissed like cat, jumped on the man, bit, scratched, and punched for my life.Alyssa grabbed the gun and shouted,
"Ha! Who's so though now!You just got beat by two sixth graders,girls none the less!"
The man screamed in agony as he bled onto the street.

When the peramedicts came Alyssa still had the gun at the ready while I sat on the man's stomach to stop the bleeding with my,now,blood stained silk cover.
"Do you know you just took out the famous 'purse merchant theif'?" A media man asked me.I stared at him in disbeleif.
"I-I did?"

Although I still go tricker' treating every year,I wear the same gloves every year.

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