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A letter to a lost love

June 17, 2013
By colorguardgrl ELITE, Derry, New Hampshire
colorguardgrl ELITE, Derry, New Hampshire
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My Dear Harriet,
I have missed you these last years, even though you had me through my best. Through my teaching and my writing, my passion and my flame I will always love you my dear one. I know you are probably upset that I remarried but I don’t love Roberta the same way I love you. She takes care of me now that I am sick but it is not long I know I am dying. The kids visit me, all of them miss you. I know I do. Remember the collage you let me make with my friends, the one to better our schools and to help with education. Remember how you let me travel all over the world to study the education and the way they taught.

Sorry for the tear stains on my paper I can not help myself from crying when I think of you not being with me anymore. I miss you my love for all the love in the world is not as sweet as the love you gave me. It never will be, how could it be? Oh my dear sweet Harriet how have I lived such sweet sorrow and to think I must wake tomorrow with a woman other than you in my bed. I love her do not get me wrong she is a lovely woman and I would not have married her if I did not love her on some level but she is not you. She is not you.

I have pneumonia my love. I will be with you soon. Today is June 1st 1952 and I am so tired my love. I have kept my letters to you in a box about the closet and I wished to add one more today but I feel so weak. I do not think there will be many more letters my love. I do not think there will be many more le…

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This is written from the point of view of John Dewey

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