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By Anonymous

   The Orphanby Jenny Scheele, Oswego, ILA salty tear ran down my cheek as I looked out the window. I couldn't help but think why I was so alone. Surely it couldn't be the missing parents, the distant friends, or the fact that nobody needed me. I felt like an orphan with no one to care for me, not even myself. As these thoughts dwelled in my mind, I watched the rain splash against the window, blurring the objects that lurked outside. In the distance, couples intertwined with each other ran to seek shelter from the violent deluge. Groups of children hopped and skipped in puddles in new shiny galoshes and raincoats. Even an elderly couple took joy sitting on the porch and watching the rain beat down. Why was it, then, that the dark clouds that consumed me brought happiness to everyone else? And then I heard it: a faint, almost silent, meow from the outside world. As I glanced out the window once more, I saw a tiny, rain-soaked kitten in need of a place to hide. I opened the door and scooped the drenched kitten into my arms. Almost immediately, the kitten began to purr. Judging from its appearance, it was evident that this scraggly kitten was abandoned. As another tear rolled down to my chin, the kitten suddenly reached up and nuzzled me. And then it hit me. Something so tiny and helpless needed me to stop the rain. In this dark and gloomy world of abandonment, we needed each other. Once more, I peered out the window, but it wasn't raining anymore. Instead, the clouds had broken, and sunlight was now shining down. 1

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i love this !