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Serenity Amidst the Rain

January 15, 2014
By PlutoNevermore BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
PlutoNevermore BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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Hasty raindrops pursued their comrades down the length of the glass. It had been raining for hours, and our patio had become enveloped in a blanket of water. The lordly grapevines were rinsed clean and unveiled their true green colors with self-consequence. Two black birds waltzed with princely elegance beneath them. The garden tree had primped itself with comely blossoms. Had I been younger, I would have traipsed outside and disrupted the peace without a moment's thought.

I spied our smallest resident posing on a ceramic pot. He became aware of my watching, and , with royal composure known only to garden rats, bounded from the pot to a nearby tree root. The sudden movement startled a butterfly out of her slumber. The rain ceased to fall. The door creaked open, and cool air caressed my face. A sharp sound turned my attention to the house gate. I ambled towards it, nudged it open, and saw a blushing young face for but a second before becoming enveloped in water.

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