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Stranger wolf ch.3

August 6, 2014
By MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
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“G-O-O-O-O-D morning Jameson. How are you today?” I asked as I walked into the coffee shop. I heard the small bell ring above my head. The sweet aroma of coffee beans, sugar, and cream filled my lungs. I sighed

“Just fine, how about you Adriean? what will it be?” He answered. “Good, thanks you, and I have a curtis please.” “Com’n right up.” He said as he turned to prepare the drink.

Jameson was a young african american. skinny and tall he wore black plastic framed glasses. Friendly as could be, smart kind, and made one mean latte. He was a good friend to me.

I sat down to wait. I found what those directions led to; my mother used to be part of a pack but when she married my father they loved her to much too kill her so they left and she moved in with my dad leaving a three bedroom house.

It was pretty nice I had gotten pretty use to it by now and today was the second week of sophomore year. The first was so great and I was so excited for this one that I couldn’t stop looking at my watch I tried refrained, but I sucumbed to my weakness.

“oh I gotta go!” I stood opening my wallet and threw a twenty on the counter ,grabbed my fresh coffee and hollered “Keep the change.” as I quickly left the coffee shop.

I took a swig as I jogged which painfully ran down my throat. “oooh hot hot hot!” I gasped. I stuck out my tongue too cool it. I couldn’t stop I had to get to school. I ran at my most ‘human’ pase but to be honest I had to use my abilities to cheat in life sometimes.

When the bell rang I was safely in my seat in Mr. Harrison's Language Arts class. We were discussing the three chapters of ‘ROMEO AND JULIET’ we were assigned to read over the weekend when we were interrupted.

A young man stepped in and walked over to Mr. Harrison’s desk handing him a slip of neon green paper. A corridor pass. Mr.Harrison tipped his glasses down to the tip of his nose to read the print murmuring to himself.

The young man turned to the class and I could see his features now; slightly over average height, pitch black tousled, cropped hair, and he had a very toned muscular build that showed it was earned from labor not lifting weights at a gym.

His eyes scanned the room very carefully-probably looking for the hottest babe; Candice WrathHorn.- His nostrils flared as if he was searching for a sent, his brow furrowed unable to decipher it. He sniffed and scanned and when his eyes fell upon me his face was wiped clear of any emotion then turned pained, and conflicted, but yet intrigued in some way.

“Mr. Rineheart?” Mr.Harrison said. “Yes?” The young man replied turning back. “Based on your grades the computers say you have a schedule that seems to match...Miss. Foalans.” Mr.Harrison told him.

Me? what, no I didn’t need to be in charge of taking care of someone, having to show him the ropes and take him to each and every class.
“Miss. Foalans?” “Yes, Mr. Harrison?” I said reluctantly. “Will you be so kind as to show Mr. Rineheart your classes?” “Yes sir.” I agreed knowing there was no choice. “Good but you two will have to get to know one another AFTER class.” He ordered.
The boy looked back to the class with his eyes trained on me. Those amber eyes caught me. Where had I seen them before? I asked my self. He spoke only one word with a crooked smile. “Perfect.”
But it was the way he said it that still rang in my ears. ‘Perfect’. It wasn’t annoyed, but...Intrigued in some way like he was genuinely pleased by this.
All throughout the class I could feel him staring at me from behind. I tried not to look. I kept telling myself ‘He is not staring at you Adriean, He is NOT STARING at you.’ But I couldn’t deny the times I had caught him.
The wolf part of me to run from the pressure, the uncanny feeling of his eyes staring at me felt all too much like a predator staring at his prey made me want to defend myself. What could I do? Just jump up and accuse him of his guilt and demand he stop?

The author's comments:
this new young man comes into the story see how Adriean is strangely drawn to this despicable boy

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