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The Reason

October 5, 2014
By Axel000 PLATINUM, Battle Creek, Michigan
Axel000 PLATINUM, Battle Creek, Michigan
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'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.' ~Albert Einstein

She was dead.  She knew that, but somehow that fact fell hollowly around inside her, not stirring any emotion like she knew it should.  She stood, her body feeling nothing of the biting wind that had ripped through her coat only a minute ago, and looked silently at her body lying in the street, a victim of a hit and run that no one had yet noticed. 
She turned away when a car turned down the street and stopped, the doors flinging open and a couple jumping from their seats to rush to the body.  She drifted off down the sidewalk as she heard them frantically calling the police, trying to save her despite the inevitable fact that she was already dead.  Had been since who knew when.  Time did not harry her now.
The people around her did not notice her, other than to pull their coats tighter about themselves, as she drifted past, her feet barely brushing the snow that crackled under the feet of the crowds.  An ambulance rushed past and for the first time she felt a prickle of… something… wash over her, and if she had been solid she would have shivered.  She did not know what she was supposed to do now; this was not what she had expected to happen after death, but she knew this was not the last stop.  Something compelled her; something drew her to find the reason behind her still being here, among but unseen by the living. 
Perhaps it was that she had not fulfilled her purpose or maybe it was that she had something she must do before she departed.  She knew not where she was going, but soon enough she was in a place that she did not recognize, a small neighborhood with petite houses of warm colors that stood out against the white of the snow all around.  A little girl played with a ball in her lawn, and she stopped to watch the child, hovering at the edge of the road opposite the girl, right under a mighty oak. 
The little girl’s ball fell from her grasp and rolled into the road suddenly and the child jumped to her feet, scrambling after it.  She watched as the child reached her toy in the middle of street just as a flurry of snow obscured the road.  When the snow cleared, there was a car, heading towards the child quickly, too fast for the child to move out of the way.  She knew she had to do something or the child would die just as she had, and suddenly her purpose was clear to her. 
She drew upon her strength and a great gust of wind drew up around her, rattling the tree above her and breaking loose a large branch.  The branch fell, snow cascading with it, and landed only inches from the little girl, the force knocking her forward and onto the sidewalk.  The car, already slowing and swerving for the girl, hit the branch instead, at an angle, but it went over easily.  The vehicle made a nasty sound, metal grinding, but kept going, turning around the corner and out of sight. 
The little girl sat up, her ball forgotten as she scrambled over the snow and into her house.  She watched the girl go even as she felt something stirring in her, and in the next moment she glanced over her shoulder to see two magnificent white-feathered wings uncurl from her back.  She smiled, glancing up at the sky as she crouched slightly, then shot into the air, gliding on to her final destination, knowing instinctively to head to the clouds.
She had earned her wings to the afterlife.  She grinned as the world fell away below her and her emotions; the ones of joy and exhilaration flooded her senses.  She knew that she now headed to her last stop and she knew that she had brought herself here.  The wings, she knew, were from her own desires from life.  After all, she had always wanted to fly.

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