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Nature's Way

December 23, 2014
By Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will award you with a new hello!

"I know this is hard, Lily," Orchid said frowning at her arrogance. 


"Just listen though, you will have a new friend just like you to play with," Orchid repeated over again. She truly was a beautiful flower, and her plant was extremely protective of her. Lily, however, was a gorgeous yet arrogant flower. She would constantly sulk and whine about issues the size of a pebble. The entire field detested her, only orchid tried to get along with her. But deep down somewhere, we all had a soft corner for Lily. We never knew why. " I will never allow another Lily flower to bloom! My uniqueness will be lost. Its best if some human comes and kills it before it blooms." Lily said with a rough and malignant tone. This remark finally blew up Orchid, and she hollered at Lily until she drove her to tears. "Orchid, it will be fine dear. Let the bud be," I said. Orchid was heated up and tense, along with the entire valley, for this was one bud that was blooming since the past three decades. It was crucial that the blooming was successful. Night fell and the plants,flowers and bushes silenced. There was absolutely no sound or movement to be heard, but our sleep was uneasy.This was because we feared the menace of weeds. It was weeds that destroyed most of our buds, and killed most our friends. Parasites! They suck up all the nectar in your body, until there nasty green bodies are content, and they leave you to die! Weeds are almost unstopabble for they are far to powerful. The last person to kill one was Carnation, yet he had died last year in the king weed's merciless hands. Orchid had been up all night, and the piercing sound of her scream broke the dead silence. "It's here! Oh my God! Tulip! Save the bud! She cried and I turned my head around. My body flared up at the sight of the King weed. "Wel, well! A new bud! I guess we must just devour the rest of you pretty things until this young one blooms. And then, we destroy it along with you all!" He sounded vile and poisonous, making my sap boil! Orchid however stood silent and silently shed tears."Lily, why did you do this? How could you Lily." I stared at Lily in utter shock! The little flower ws annoying, but I never came across her as evil. Lily just stared at the sky, expressionless."After the weeds go, I sentence you to a lifetime of isolation, Lily!" Orchid whined and gave me a grave look. But Lily did something that surprised us. She leaned on the bud and motioned for everyone else to do so to. "I called them in anger. And I will send them away with peace." she told Tulip. The weeds, both puzzled and slightly ticked off, decided to leave the field and look for a more divided one. Yet, Tulip only lightned his sentence, instead of for life, Lily was to be isolated for two years. No one objected. That dawn, as soon as the suns rays struck the green bud, a leaf opened. Slowly, the petals began to unravel, and the field was gazing at a beautiful white lily flower. She took a deep breathe, and smiled around. Orchid screeched with happiness, and smirked at the smug look on Lily's face. She named the bud Snowdrop. And the person who taught her values,morals and valueble life lessons was Lily. The proud adopted mother.

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