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Day After Day

March 22, 2015
By wachtkri20 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
wachtkri20 BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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A girls death date keeps repeating and she finds out in a ver intresting way

Chapter 1: Home sweet home

“Today is the day! Today we are moving into our new house.  Of course I will miss my friends, but I hope to make friends here.  It is a seven hour drive, but we made it, finally.”  I think that everyone who reads my blog are happy with my posts, but what do I know? 
When we got there, my mom already put almost everything we had in the house, except for a few boxes, everything looked perfect, and to me it looked as if we have been living here forever (everything looked like I have seen it longer than I had been here). There are a couch and two chairs in the living room. There was a four person table in the kitchen. Everything looked like a typical house.
After my parents help me get settled in my room, they go out to a restaurant opening. Everyone said they liked the food and drinks.  The restaurant is called Bonkers. It’s a bar and grill.  I stay home because I want to get used to the house (even though I already am already weirdly used to it).  I start to watch the television, and I was halfway through a show called, 19 Kids and Counting, when I got really warm. I couldn’t cool down for the life of me.  Even after a cold shower, I got even hotter.  I went outside to see if the cool fresh air would help.

Chapter 2: Allie

When I got outside I wasn’t hot or warm anymore, I was cold, and out of nowhere I saw a girl in our yard.
“Hello, what are you doing here?” I asked.
“Oh, um, sorry, I guess. I didn’t think that anyone was in there,” she replied.
“It is okay, by the way, I’m Sami.” While I was talking, I wondered why she was here.
“Hi, I’m Allie. I never seen you here before. (that’s why I was surprised). What school did you go to last year?”
I had a blank face and I didn’t say anything because I was thinking how Allie could become my best friend.
“I said that because it is summer and last year we had school,” Allie looked confused.
“Oh, sorry. I just moved here today. I’m  from Butte, Montana.”
“That’s cool. Is it scary in the house”
“No, it is just really hot.  Do you want to go in with me?”
“Sure! I would love to! Let’s go!”  Allie looked like she was happy she wasn’t going in alone. I don’t know why. It is perfectly fine in there.

Chapter 3: What happened in here?

When we walked inside, everything was the same, except for the fact that everything looked way older than it did when I came outside to cool down. Everything looked like it was burnt. Everywhere I looked there were spider webs. This is NOT how it looked about ten minutes ago. I thought that it even still smelled a little like smoke.
“What happened in here?” I whispered. I didn’t think she heard me, but she did.
“I know it looks fine from the outside, realtors made the outside look amazing so the house didn’t make people that were already here move or have any new people not come move in here. It burned down, but it stayed up after all these years,” she said. “It is really sad. The parents were at a restaurant opening at a bar and grill called Bonkers ten years ago today, and their daughter was in here when it burned down. People said that the cause of the fire was that the daughter had suicidal thoughts, and some how burned it down. I don’t believe that. I read her blog and she seemed so happy. The firemen said that the cause of the fire was a lit candle that fell on the carpet.”
“When the parents found out that their little Sami had died, they never came back, and no one has seen them since. Rumor has it that the parents came back here and killed themselves, because they were nothing without their daughter. People say that they were depressed and the only thing that kept them from killing themselves was their daughter. She was the only thing that they cared about. Many people say that the bones are still here, so everyone comes in looking to prove that Rumor of the Bones (thats what they call it, it is a real thing here) is true. No one has found the bones, ever. Almost everyone in this neighborhood has come to look.”
I only have one question. Is that the only reason she is here?
“One rich person said that whoever found their bones, would be given about $100.” Allie continues, “I am very surprised that you were the only one here today. Some people only come to see if there are any ghosts here to ask them the real story. I do not believe any of that though. I just come here when I am sad or mad (it makes me realize that my life is amazing because this story is the saddest one I have ever heard). I don’t believe in ghosts. Do you?”
Allie saw the look on my face and said super slowly. “Your...Name...Is...Sami...Right?”

Chapter 4: Sami?

I didn’t know what to say, but accidently I spit out, “Yeah it is,” I could only ask one question,  “Are there any new restaurants that have an opening?”
“NO!” She screamed as she got her phone from her pocket. She hoped it had a cell signal (and it did).  She typed in something harshly and then she clicked on something. After that she dropped her phone and sprinted away from the house.
I picked up her phone and saw a picture of...Me? What? I clicked out of the picture, and I saw an article that said: “15 Year Old Girl, Sami Morreis, Dies In a House Fire”. I died?  Am I even standing here anymore? The phone dropped from my hand even though I didn’t let go. Quickly I hobbled up the stairs to my parents’ room. When I got there, I tried hard to turn the handle, but it didn’t move. Instead my hands kept falling from the door knob. Finally, I thought if my hand was falling through the knob I could run through the door. So I ran right through that door to see my parents sitting on their bed worried when I barged in.  Right next to them were their own bones.  The funny part is that they didn’t even realize that the bones were there. I bet that they didn’t even know that they were not alive.

Chapter 5: The same day again

When I woke up in my car, I remembered that we were moving into a new house.  I forgot because I just had the craziest dream. I dreamt about a cat trying to get down from a tree.  Anyway, my mom is already at our new house, and she probably organized everything, so my dad and I are driving to the house. I am very excited to see it for the first time in person. It takes about two hours to get there, but we have finally made it. 
I had seen pictures of the house, but I did not think that I would recognize it this much.  When we get inside it was even more recognizable, but I think that it was because all of our old stuff from our past house is already set up. I love it. There are just a few boxes that are not put out because that is the stuff that goes into my room.
After my parents help me put all of my stuff away they said, “Are you going to be okay if we leave here to go to a restaurant?  People say it is very good, but we want to see for ourselves. It is going to be crowded because Bonkers the bar and grill opens tonight.”
After I said that I will be okay, they reminded me to blow out the candle before I went to bed. I closed my eyes and fell in a deep sleep, I forgot to blow out the candle.

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