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By Anonymous

   The brown pup sat there all alone with no one to comfort him in this horrible place. The dog sat there in the bottom of a hunter's pit, out somewhere in the mountain forests of New Hampshire. Even before he had seen the deer on that lovely spring morning, he knew that it was going to be a bad day. It was a doggy sense or something, but nonetheless the bloodhound in him caught sight of the deer. Before he knew it, he was off like a shot after a white-tail deer. At first he thought it would be a wonderful game of chase, but the deer seemed to be leading him deeper into a dark part of the forest.

Then suddenly the world fell out from under him, literally. In pursuit of the deer he had run over a camouflaged pit trap. As he sat there in the bottom, the dark of night flooding around him, he began to whimper and howl. The puppy missed his family. He thought that perhaps if he made enough noise, someone would hear him and rush to his aide, or at least someone would hear him and get him some help. But as he howled for help, he began to think that someone evil might hear and come to kill him. So he began to ponder the wisdom of his decision to make all that noise, but he decided to take his chances. As he howled, he began to think that no one would come to save him, and he would never leave this pit of his despair.

Just as the puppy had given up all hope of ever being rescued and of seeing his loving family again, he heard a loud noise, as if some great, evil beast was running through the forest in search of something. The pup began to conjure up images of some giant, dog-eating beast that was hungry for a little brown dog. Then it appeared, an ominous creature that shed a huge shadow, seemingly covering the entire forest. It stretched out a huge paw that, against the light of the full moon, seemed to become a monstrous claw, and picked up the pup by the scruff of the neck. The puppy slammed his eyes shut for he knew that on the other side of his eyelids was a wicked creature bent his destruction.

Finally, the puppy worked up the courage to open his eyes, and got the shock of his life! The dog was starring into the eyes of his master, a young boy with rosy cheeks. In a moment, the boy's father appeared and declared "Elvis is still alive!" 1

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i love this !