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He who has heart.

March 26, 2009
By RebeccaY SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
RebeccaY SILVER, Cape Coral, Florida
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Peter’s mind was reeling with thoughts about her. How beautiful she was-Rowan, he hadn’t felt like this towards anyone he’d met during the job before. Silky smooth strands of her long black hair were tangled in his fingers as he carried her into the freezing chamber. Her intense green eyes were graciously gazing up at him every other step that he took, he’d hold her forever if he could. Nathan had given him strict instructions about being brief with her; he’d probably noticed something hidden in their eyes although the words were unspoken. Peter still had no idea what they even took her for, but that didn’t mean he was just going to march up to Nathan and ask him... Nathan scared the crap out of him; he was the most dangerous person to reckon with. Every look he got from that man was just shy of a death stare. In his fingers, he felt something stir so he glanced down and was greeted with a wide and eager smile coming from the frail girl in his arms. He returned the look, only with his eyes though. Nathan had told him to wear a mask of fixed emotion at all times, but Peter couldn’t help but let the light from the room sparkle in his eyes like diamonds on a ring. He reached the foot of the bed and gently plopped the fragile girl upon the top of the bed. He did a backward glance checking to make sure Nathan had left the room before he sat next to Rowan.

He slipped his hand over hers after a few minutes of silence, and an electrifying jolt rushed over him at the mere touch of her hand. He wanted so much as to comfort her more and let her in… but he didn’t know if she felt the same way back, her hand did quiver under his, and he felt her breath leave her. Was that a sign that she was scared of his touch, or that she was just as content as he was? The quarrel within his head was answered when she intertwined their fingers and let out a sigh. His eyes grazed over their hands, and for the first time he realized how small she really was… maybe fifteen years at most. Despite her age, she fit perfectly to him; like the missing piece to a puzzle. Rowan tilted her head to fit his gaze and he smile was gone, as was the urgency in her fingers, although she hadn’t let go yet. He opened his mouth to speak, but her words were already there. “You feel for me, as I feel for you.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement. Peter was shocked that she had said that, so he just replied with a simple answer.
“Yes…” he let his answer trail off because he hadn’t actually drawn the line of where to stop. He did feel an incredible amount for her, but where did it end?

“Then why have you and F-The other man taken me?” she sounded scared and brave at the same time... but her eyes only showed that she was terrified.

“I… don’t know, it’s all Nathan’s planning…” he saw the interest in her eyes spike as he said Nathan’s name. He had forgotten that they hadn’t introduced themselves. (That wasn’t an everyday thing for kidnappers) he could have easily guessed her next question.

“And what is your name?” she didn’t have a lot of emotion attached to that one.

“My name is Peter, Rowan.” He was expecting a gasp or some sort of odd reaction at the sound of her own name, but all she did was try to hide her shy smile.

“Peter, I feel safe with you…”

“As you should, I’m not here to hurt you… I, like you said, feel for you.” He paused a couple of times to make sure what he was saying made sense. Her eyes sparked automatically, and she pressed their hands together, so he looked into her eyes again. There definitely was a hidden message in there but he didn’t have enough time to decipher it, because before he knew it... his mouth was on hers, and they were kissing with such passion. he was taking away all her pain and anger, while she in return was taking all his eagerness and throwing it right back at him.

They parted and sat silent for a while, there was no need for any words; he’s gotten all the answers he’d wanted. It dawned on him that his ‘brief’ period with her had extended the limits and he stood up with that still processing in his mind.

“Thank you…” she whispered and let the words carry themselves to him. He bathed in them, loving anything that had to do with her. He didn’t answer with words, in stead he turned back and smile with his eyes and lips this time; that would surely leave a clear message.

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