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Joe's Teacher

November 26, 2013
By Andy_Nicole SILVER, Hardtner, Kansas
Andy_Nicole SILVER, Hardtner, Kansas
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Joe was in 5th period, at school, when his teacher walked into the classroom. He was ranting on to himself about something that happened in the hallway. He looked kind of upset in multiple in different ways, his face was red, his muscles were tight, and his fists were clenched tightly. Joe wondered why he was so angry. He turned to the class and started to rant on about respecting your elders. He was very rabid when he was talking about the fact. It was actually very frightening to see his teacher that mad.

Once the teacher stopped talking her was calm. It was almost like he had a alter ego. It was very quirky. No one expected the sudden change in his attitude. It was normal for him to rant on to us about something that happened. It is almost like he had a fetish with it. A schoolhouse is not the best niche for his teacher. Joe’s teacher liked to yell and send students to the principal's office. Most of the time, the principle would just keep the student in his office till the next period then send the student to the next class.

It is very obvious that the teacher doesn’t like his job. The teacher is practically a hermit on the weekends. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad teacher if he just go out more. Joe’s teacher drinks enough seltzer to kill a horse. That man is a food consumer! He will eat anything in his sight, pretty sad right? You wouldn’t describe a plate of food, for him, as paltry. Someone needs to perform a lobotomy on him. Joe told me that he likes to advocate, but not with someone else, himself. This man is weird. Also, he needs to start using prozac or he will never get married. I would use the word napiform to describe the shape of his body.

Everyone can tell that he is an oblivion to himself. His hair is like one of those trees off of the Lorax. You know what I’m talking about? “He is such a phonie!” Joe said in our school interview. We had to elaborate on that statement. “For once he could conjecture to school. He is always late and we are always waiting on him!” Joe said. The way Joe described his personality was devoid. Joe said he wasn’t interesting at all. He likes to talk about galleys. Joe’s teacher’s 3rd hour class said he is so cretin. That wasn’t very nice, but what most students have to say about him isn’t very nice either.

Joe’s teacher is affixed to a pencil, pen, marker, chair, and his toothbrush. He carries his toothbrush everywhere. It sticks out of his back pocket like a red ring in orange paperclips. “He calls dibs on everything.” says Andy, Joe’s friend. “Like one time we were going to lunch and he said ‘I call dibs on being first in line’.” I thought that was very weird. When I interviewed Joe’s teacher he said, “I have always dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut.” He isn’t even Russian!

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