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December 2, 2019
By Anonymous

I, almighty Beowulf, am called to the kingdom of Herot to save the people from a malicious monster named Grendel. My men have already gathered up, sailed toward Denmark, and thanked God for a safe passage so that this slayer of humanity is eradicated from the earth. When we arrive at Danish shores, the watchmen seem apprehensive that we are spies. To make me seem credible, I mention that my men are here to stop this beast and that my father is a great king. Also, I reassured the suspicious watchmen that killing monsters was a daily occurrence for me as I practiced in my spare time. It is my duty to make sure every human hunter is to be rid from this earth. While on our way to the palace, the world around me seemed to be majestical and glowing. As my men arrive at King Hrothgar's palace, I begin an interview with the people’s protector. I am informed wicked Grendel is not using weapons; therefore, I made the decision to surrender my sword. As I prepare for battle, I leave it up to God to decide the winner of the battle between good and evil and pray about it. If I do not win, I have told Hrothgar that I want my inheritance dispersed among the people of Herot. After all, it is up to shepherd in the heavens to determine the outcome of this battle.

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it is about beowulf

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