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Hrothgar’s Horrors

December 6, 2019
By rguillot02 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
rguillot02 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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It is an evening of great pleasure as my men and I listen to the harp’s rejoicing tune and sing proudly past the hour of the setting sun. Alas, when our drinking is done my men and I go to sleep, sprawling across the halls of Herot. It is then, the silent killer emerges from the depths of his earthly hell to slaughter thirty of my men and run off with their bodies. Such an evil creature must be filled with nothing but immense greed and envy to violently murder such innocently sleeping men. After this wretched night, the slayer of life continues to make his return in the darkness, thirsty for another sip of death. However, I realize that the beast’s thirst is simply unquenchable. I offer every possible form of settlement, but the beast accepts nothing. My heart is filled with grief for the death of my people, and I spend every moment in fear of the death that is still to come. At least I know that the demon will never attempt to cross God’s shield of protection over me. It pains me to know that my people are worshipping false gods out of desperation. Most of my people are fleeing from Herot to escape the beast’s incredible lust for killing. My once joyful and lively kingdom is now left desolate and abandoned. That warm and pure joy, gone in an instant, only to leave behind the cold emptiness of being alone. How will I continue to go on when there is virtually no kingdom left to stay strong for? Will there ever be a master of battle strong enough to defeat the beast?

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