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The Coverup

December 13, 2019
By jeremyg34 BRONZE, San Jose, California
jeremyg34 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Tom was sitting in his couch when he hears loud banging on his door.

“Why hello George, what a surprise that you come visit me,'' Tom said.

“Don’t try that thing with me Tom I know what you did to my sweet precious Myrtl,

you murderer her when she was trying outside and you ran her over and just drove off”

Tom was nervous heart pumping and palms sweating when Goerge pulls out a revolver before listening to one more thing Tom had to say

“George I have a good explanation for why this happened.”

Tom invited George to sit on the coucha nd talk but he was too scared to tell him the truth about him and Myrtle but he was also unsure who killed her when an idea popped into his head as if it was just caught at that moment.

“George i’ll give you 50 million dollars and a new wife that will be better than Myrtle and you can live somewhere new and better,” proposed Tom.

Gearge was not hesitant to accept but he knew that Tom had something up his sleeve

“What do you want in return,” Asked George.

“Now that you ask George , you know who Gatsby is?”

“Of Course I do Tom i’m no new person to this town, i’ve heard that he's been seeing Daisy,” said George. 

Tom had some suspicions on why Daisy was always out and he had the right to. So he hatched a plan with George to show Gatsby that Daisy was his but he always knew how this would play out with George wanting to take this opportunity. The next step was just to have George kill Gatsby and run away and not give George what he was proposed. The only thing that Tom really cared about was being on top of the world because of what he had.

“So George the task I need you to do in order to receive what I had proposed is exterminate Gatsby and his legacy in order for me to keep my girl and live my life and you live your after as well,” stated Tom. 

“When any problem comes about there is nothing money can’t buy,” said George

“HAHA” both laughing 

“That’s the spirit,” Said Tom. 

What they were not certain about is if this would actually work or just be a hide and seek game between them. It was just a matter of time until Tom's plan would take shape and be on the rise. 

“Have you ever killed anyone Wilson,” asked Tom

“I was going to but i had to hear them out first,” said George 

This moment was very tense from being a risky situation to hatching a plan this would never be thought of to happen but they managed to buy into each other's interest. When Tom had finished talking he gave George Gatsby’s address and send him on his way while he packed his stuff and informed Daisy that they were leaving for a while. When the coast was clear he knew that George would not be able to live with that action so he knew that no Money would go to him.

The author's comments:

The thing that has inspired me to do this type of version is to just create a twist in the story. I was inspired by the part that Tom told George that Gatsby killed Myrtle and this was so messed up with all he has done to people. In this twist Tom will say that it was him but that he should not be killed because he has money to buy George’s pain.

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