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My One In Only Love

December 15, 2019
By yasminetillis17 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
yasminetillis17 BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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                                                  My One in Only Love

                                                Scene 1:Hollywood Walk of Fame

(Lashae is walking on hollywood walk a fame on her phone and taking some pictures,and then she suddenly bumps into someone).

Lashae Jones:(falls) Oh sorry,i’m so clumsy let me help you up.

Bridgette B:Oh,thanks girl and i’m so sorry for bumping into you as well.

Lashae Jones:So,Bridgette you have an amazing name.

Bridgette B:Oh,thanks your name is also amazing.

Lashae Jones:Oh,thanks,and again i’m very sorry for bumping into you and making you fall,and i would love to get to know you more.

Bridgette B:Same,shall we exchange numbers to keep in contact?

Lashae Jones:(smiling) Most definitely.

(So the two girls exchange numbers and chat for a while and then exchange their goodbyes)


Scene 2:Starbucks

(So the next day comes Lashae and Bridgette texted each other and Bridgette wants to meet up with Lashae to get some coffee).

Lashae Jones:(picks up her phone and it says text message from Bridgette B) So Lashae would you like to go get some coffee from starbucks?

Bridgette B:(picks up her phone and it says text message from Lashae Jones)Sure Bridgette, I would love to get coffee.

Lashae Jones:(picks up her phone and it says text message from Bridgette B) Okay,Lashae meet me at starbucks  in 15 minutes.

Bridgette B:(picks up her phone  and it says text message from Lashae Jones) Okay,cool Bridgette meet you there.

(So now the two girls are up and getting dress and putting on makeup and doing their hair and walking out the door and getting into their car and on their way to starbucks.)

(So now the two girls are at starbucks and in their Sundresses and walking up and hugging each other.)

Lashae Jones:Oh wow,Bridgette you look beautiful and your dress and it’s exactly like mines,but different color.

Bridgette B:Oh wow,Lashae you look Beautiful as well in your dress,OH MY GOD!

Twins,and now let’s go get some coffee girl.

Lashae Jones:Okay,Bridgette let’s go get some coffee,twin.

(So now the two girls are in the line and looking at the coffee menu and Bridgette decides to pay for their coffee.)

Bridgette B:Okay,Lashae what would you like?,Cause i’m buying coffee for today’s date.

Lashae Jones:A Date!(Saying in A Surprisingly Way),Okay cool,I would like a Caramel Frappuccino,and are you sure?because I can pay for my own coffee.

Bridgette B: I insist(Saying this in A Calming Way),And yes Lashae a date,Our very first date and I will get me A Mocha Latte.

(So now it’s time for the girls to order what they want,And the two girls order gets done and the two girls sits at a booth that is near a window and starts chatting.)

Lashae Jones:So Bridgette,(pauses for a second) What are things you like to do on a daily basis?

Bridgette B:Well,I like to walk my dog who is a pomeranian,I like to workout, I like to dance,and I love watching movies.So,now Lashae what are things you like to do on a daily basis?

Lashae Jones:Oh,I love pomeranians,and so the things I like to do are.I like to workout,I like to dance,I love watching movies,I like to go shopping,and I like to read books.

(So as Lashae gets done telling Bridgette what she like to do Bridgette gets a little closer to Lashae.)

Bridgette B:Oh,that’s what i also like to do,so Lashae what is your favorite color?

Lashae Jones:My favorite color is purple,How about you,what’s your favorite color?

Bridgette B:Oh,my favorite color is red.

(So now the two girls are giggling and drinking their coffee and then when they are done with their starbucks Bridgette pays the check Lashae and Bridgette walks out of starbucks.)

Lashae Jones:Thanks B, is it okay if I call you that?

Bridgette B:Sure,Lashae.

Lashae Jones:And I want to thank you for inviting me to get coffee with you.

Bridgette B:It Was an honor,and hey Lashae why don’t you spend the night at my house tonight?

Lashae Jones:Sure,but I don’t have any sleep clothes.

Bridgette B:Don’t Worry,I’ll give you some of my clothes.

Lashae Jones:Okay,cool.

(So now the two girls decided that they will spend the rest of the day at Bridgette B’s house,so before the two get in their cars they took a selfie with each other,and then they get in their cars and go to Bridgette B’s house.

Scene 3:Bridgette B’s House

(So later that day Bridgette B and Lashae Jones made it to Bridgette B’s house and they are now coming into the front door.)


Bridgette B:So,Lashae you can take your sandals off at the door were mines at,and i’ll give you a house tour.

Lashae Jones:Okay,Bridgette (smiling),I’m so excited.

Bridgette B:(Looking at Lashae so seductive)I am to girl now let’s get on to this house tour.

Lashae Jones:Okay,Bridgette I’m ready.

Bridgette B:Okay,Lashae we are at the Living room.

Lashae Jones:It’s amazing,I love your design.

Bridgette B:Yes,Girl! I love the design myself.

Lashae Jones:(Looking at Bridgette so seductive),Okay now let’s go look at another room.

Bridgette B:Okay,Lashae the next room is the kitchen,were I cook all my mexican food and other food.

Lashae Jones:Oh,you cook mexican food,so you must be from(pauses for a second)


Bridgette B:How did you know,smart beautiful girl.

Lashae Jones:I just know my Girls from what food they make.

Bridgette B:(smiling and looking at Lashae seductively and then grabs and holds Lashae’s hand)Shall I show the upstairs,of my house?

Lashae Jones:Sure,(smiling and looking at Bridgette seductively and takes Bridgette’s hand).

Bridgette B:Okay,Lashae this is my bedroom were you in I will be sleeping tonight,and let me show you around the bedroom.

Lashae Jones:Okay,(looking at Bridgette seductively).

Bridgette B:This is the King size bed were I usually sleep alone on,but now I have a friend to share it with,for tonight.And my bedding is red and black satin.

Lashae Jones:(Hops on the bed with Bridgette),this is so big and I love satin I have that at my house.

Bridgette B:(Gets closer to Lashae,smells her,and kisses her on the cheek),Now let me show you the master bathroom.

Lashae Jones:Okay,(said this and a calming way,and then hops off the big bed).

Bridgette B:(holding Lashae’s hand so close to her),This is the bathroom and as you may know my bathroom decorations is red and black.And exactly like my bedding.

Lashae Jones:So,beautiful.

Bridgette B:Thanks,and that’s the house tour hope you like my home and hope you are comfortable.

Lashae Jones:Thanks B,for the amazing home tour and I’m so comfortable.

(So now that Bridgette has gave Lashae A home tour the two girls stayed in Bridgette’s master Bedroom and sat on the bed and watched movies and ate popcorn).

Bridgette B:(gets closer to Lashae and lay her head on Lashae’s shoulder), I love this movie.

Lashae Jones:Same,(Looking at Bridgette so loving),And I’m enjoying this day with you my girl.

Bridgette B:(Blushes,And kisses Lashae on the Mouth),And I’m enjoying this day with you.

(So now the two girls are done eating their popcorn Bridgette gets off the bed and goes to her closet to get Her and Lashae something to sleep in).

Lashae Jones:Hey,Bridgette I’m about to go to the bathroom.

Bridgette B:Okay,Lashae(Hollering, from her closet).

(So now Lashae gets done using the bathroom,she washes her hands,and goes back onto the bed).

Lashae Jones:Um,B do you need some help?

Bridgette B:No,I got it.

Lashae Jones:Whatever,I’m going to help you anyway(Lashae gets off the bed and helps Bridgette find the Sleepwear).

Bridgette B:You,don’t have to,but I’ll take the help.

(So now that Lashae helped Bridgette find the sleepwear,Lashae goes in the bathroom to get in her sleepwear,and When Lashae comes out of the bathroom in her sleepwear she puts her folded dress on the dresser ,and then Bridgette goes into the bathroom to get in the sleepwear and then comes out in her sleepwear and puts her folded dress in the dresser).

Lashae Jones:Wow,B we got matching sleepwear this is awesome,(hoping back on the big bed).

Bridgette B:Yes,girl we do,(hoping back on the big bed and getting cozy with Lashae and turns off the TV and kisses Lashae on the mouth),And now girl let’s get some rest.

Lashae Jones:Okay,B(Kisses Bridgette on the mouth and goes to sleep).

Scene 4:Lure Nightclub

(So now the next day comes and Lashae gets up and goes to the Bathroom and put on her dress and then before she goes downstairs she gets a piece of paper and writes a note to Bridgette and it says.


I want to thank you for an amazing day, 

 yesterday I felt like I was home and I’m glad.

We had spent so much time with each other.

Hope to spend more days with you and talk to 

You later.



(And then Lashae kissed Bridgette on the forehead and went downstairs and out the door).

(So when Bridgette got up,she see the note,she reads it and she kisses the note and leave it there,and she smiles).

(So now Lashae is at home,before she gets settled she hangs her purse up and go take a shower,and when she gets done taking her shower she gets her some coffee,and then hops on her purple and black satin bedding and then starts texting Bridgette).

Lashae Jones:(Text message to Bridgette B),Hey,B do you wanna hang out tonight?

Bridgette B:(Text message to Lashae Jones),Sure,Lashae

Lashae Jones:(Text message to Bridgette B),Okay,cool I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.

Bridgette B:(Text message to Lashae Jones),Okay, see you then,honey.

Lashae Jones:(Text  message to Bridgette B),Okay,Sweetie.

(So now the two girls are up,the girls get up and do their hair,do their makeup,get in their best nightclub attire,grab their purses,and pick up their jackets.And Lashae is on her way to Bridgette’s house to pick up Bridgette).

(So now Lashae made it to Bridgette’s place and Bridgette comes out looking stunning and Lashae kisses Bridgette on the lips,and they get to Lures Nightclub).

Bridgette B:Oh,Girl this is our second date.

Lashae Jones:Yes,Baby it is now let’s get into this club.

(So now that the two girls are at the club,they get out the car they walk up to the club entrance,and the security guard ask for ID and we showed him and he let us in)>

Bridgette B:So,honey let’s go have fun.

Lashae Jones:Okay,but before we get jamming,What do you want to drink?

Bridgette B:Oh,Honey I want a Margarita.

Lashae Jones:Okay,Sweetie, I’ll also get me a Margarita,And some shots of tequila.

Bridgette B:Okay,sweetie,I’ll come with you(Gets A hold of Lashae’s hand).

(So now the two girls are in line to order their drinks from the bar,and now it’s time for the two girls to get their drinks,and then they got their orders,in then the two girls had got a seat next to the dance floor).

Lashae Jones:Okay,Sweetie,Now we can get on the Dance floor.

Bridgette B:Okay,Honey let’s go(Grabs Lashae’s hands,and puts them around her waist)

Lashae Jones:Okay,sweetie let’s go,(Dancing with Bridgette)

Bridgette B:Oh,honey this is the best night ever(Sipping her margarita and then lends in to bite Lashae on the ear).

Lashae Jones:Oh,Sweetie not here(kisses Bridgette on the lips and drinks the rest of her tequila shots and her margarita).

Bridgette B:Ok,Honey I’m sorry(Kissed Lashae on the lips and drinks the rest of her tequila shots and her margarita).

(So now the two girls are dancing and kissing each other and it’s almost 4 in the morning Lashae pays the check and they leave the night club).

Lashae Jones:Um,B let’s go to my house so you can get some rest.

Bridgette B:Okay,Honey let’s go(Saying this soberly).

(So now the two girls exit the club and Lashae helps Bridgette get into the car and they drove to Lashae’s house).

Scene 5:Lashae Jones’s House

(So now the two girls made it to Lashae Jones House and they are now coming into the front door).

Lashae Jones:Bridgette,Let me help you upstairs.

Bridgette B:Okay and can you run me to your bathroom I have to throw up.

(So now the two girls made it to the bathroom  and Lashae pulled up Bridgette’s hair and Bridgette throws up,and when she is finally done puking Lashae gives Bridgette an oversized shirt to put on and Lashae covered her eyes as Bridgette changes her dress and laid down).

Lashae Jones:Oh,Bridgette I Love you,and  i want to spend the rest of my life with you Sweetie.

Bridgette B:I Love you to,and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,honey

(Bridgette B lends in to kiss Lashae on the lips and they fall asleep happy and loved).

                                                                THE END!


The author's comments:

I Have this,Crush on this amazing Adult Women her name is Bridgette.B and  i love her a lot and Lashae is me.

                                                 Enjoy this Fan-Fiction!

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