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What if Edward hadn't stopped the van?

October 27, 2009
By Anawithonen BRONZE, Inglewood, California
Anawithonen BRONZE, Inglewood, California
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I was standing by the back corner of my truck, struggling to fight back the sudden wave of emotion the snow chains had brought on, when I heard an odd sound.

It was the high-pitched screech of tires against the road.

I looked behind me and gasped. Tyler’s van was coming right for me; I braced myself for the impact. I knew in the pit of my stomach that there was no way in hell I was going to make it out of this alive. I heard people screaming, and before closing my eyes took one fleeting glance at Edward who was being held back by his brother, Emmett I think.

The cars impact came quicker then I calculated, but I was never good at math. It knocked the air out of me and crushed my rib cage and legs. I couldn’t breathe. I knew what was coming, and I took it with open arms. Death has always seemed so much easier then life. The next thing I knew something cold and hard pierced the skin at my neck. I screamed even though I felt I had no lungs.

“Just keep your heart beating Bella. Please don’t give up yet. Please Bella.” I heard Edward’s musical voice force itself through my darkness. I had to obey him, I wanted to, but I didn’t no how to not give up. It was my body’s choice, not my own. I screamed again I agony.

“Push it off of her!” he yelled to only god knows who. I heard the car groan in protest, but felt Edward’s arms around me. I started to feel less and scream more. The pain of whatever Edward injected in me was worse then the car crushing me.

“Oh god, Alice she’s bleeding everywhere.”

“You and Jasper go, Emmett Rose and I can take care of her.” I felt myself being handed off to her, or maybe Emmett.

“Put her in the car, we have to take her to Carlisle. Stupid Edward couldn’t wait for the ambulance.” I continued to scream in pain.

What had I done to burn in hell?

The author's comments:
One night I was thinking to myself, "what if Edward let her get crushed by the van in Twilight? What would he have done?" I would like to think he would have changed her, so i wrote it out. I owe my inspration to Stephenie Meyer.

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on Feb. 16 2010 at 5:13 pm
BeckoningLovely GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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If I can speculate; I think they took her to the house, bit her, told everyone she died and moved away :)

KK2013 GOLD said...
on Jan. 24 2010 at 9:48 pm
KK2013 GOLD, Solon, Ohio
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Ahahaha, when i saw the title i laughed really hard, the series would have ended rather early!! i like your version, its more realistic then mine, in which Bella would die... good insight though!

on Dec. 11 2009 at 5:27 am
Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Very interesting. I hadn't ever thought of what would have happened if one of the others had held Edward back. However, he was probably holding him back to keep him revealing what they were; wouldn't biting her in public be a bigger way to expose them? Not that I have a problem with the story, it was very incely done and I enjoyed it immensely (I read it 5 times!) Just wanted to throw that out there