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Light - Chapter One

January 24, 2010
By nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
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(Warning – may contain traces of cashews Twilight. The basic description of vampires is the same such as super strong, white skin, really fast, beautiful, and gold, black, or red eyes. I didn’t just change names and redo scenes. I used my own ideas for the characters and any resemblance between the Twilight character and my characters is confidential, accidental, or your imagination. {Yes I am blaming you. :P})
I lay awake, always awake. My eyes were wide, but not seeing anything. I wasn’t sure if I was blind or if it was just too dark, just like it always was. I was trapped in darkness.
I just lay on the ground. I didn’t listen for my heart beat that wasn’t there, focus on breathing regularly, or to blink ever so often.
My mind was blank, and I was as close to peace as I had been in ten years. I was calm, except for my throat that was burning with thirst. Thirst for the thing that pulsed underneath human’s thin skin and made their veins full with life.
Despite the pain my thirst for blood caused me, I never killed a human. When I first became a vampire, I attacked a male human then stopped myself and fled towards a nearby forest and kept running. That’s when everything went dark.
Ever since I attacked that human, my world was nothing more than what I could hear, smell, touch, and taste. I was one sense short. Still, my other senses were much better than I could have ever imagined before. I could hear a fly’s wing beat across a room, smell the blood of the same fly, feel the slightest vibration in the ground, or even taste the air like a rattle snake. As a vampire I could run at impossibly fast speed and I could break walls.
My adapted senses meant nothing to me. I couldn’t remember anything before I became a vampire and the first memory I have is attacking the human, so nothing in me felt like I was missing anything. Still, I was miserable. I hated what I was. I refuse to be a predator in the sick game of life.
So I lay on the cold concrete floor of some building that smelt slightly of fish. I could feel in the air that something was different. I blocked out my thoughts and tried to distract myself from the people who had just walked into the building.
I was so thirsty, and they smelt so good. I could almost taste their blood in my mouth, going down my throat. I had to pull myself out of that nightmare. I wasn’t a murder and I wasn’t planning on becoming one.
I could practically feel their pulse through the vibrations of the Earth.
“Do you smell that?” One of the people who walked in asked. He was a boy, his voice uneven and breaking. He was young.
I heard someone sniff and saw, “Yeah, I do. It smells really, really good.” I noted that this speaker was female and sounded just as young as the boy.
I wondered what they smelled. All I could smell was fish.
“Are you just going to stand there or are we going to get to work?” A third voice said angrily. He sounded like he was in his fifties.
“Sorry.” The girl said timidly and I could hear her take a step away from the man.
The man grunted and then spoke, “Grab the bag and let’s get started.”
Without thinking I rose to my feet. I moved silently towards them. I had no clue what I was doing until I was acting out my unknown plans.
“What was that?” The young boy said as I purposely brushed against him lightly.
“Just the wind.” The man said with another of his grunts.
I was directly behind the man. He wasn’t aware of my presence yet. “Boo.” I said just quietly enough for him to hear me.
The man jumped and shouted, “Victoria, don’t you be trying anything!”
“What are you talking about?” The girl who must have been Victoria said in a hushed whisper. She obviously didn’t hear me.
I cleared my throat and wondered if they could see me.
“Why isn’t the flashlight working?” The girl, Victoria, asked her voice panicky. I listened for a second and heard the electric buzz of the flashlight.
I began to run around them, knocking things down, growling, hissing, and screaming. I felt good to have something to do, to be moving around, and scaring them was funny. It also distracted me from wanting to drink their blood.
I laughed as the young boy screamed like a girl when an empty barrel feel near him.
Then I was blinded by light. Shapes began to form in the light. I saw the old man, the girl, and the boy. Their hands were covering their eyes from the bright light. The girl was screaming, and the boy was almost wetting himself.
My throat still burned as I became ashamed as I realized how scared I made them. The girl looked at me for a second, her eyes squinting because of the light. She had red hair and her eyes were brown.
She looked terrified and I felt sick. The light disappeared, and I heard their screams and footsteps leave the building.
I fell into a crumpled heap and would have cried if I could.
Time always passed strangely for me. Sometimes I live seconds like hours, and sometimes time seemed to lapse over its self. I didn’t normally pay attention to time, but I could feel the heat change as the sun rose at noon.
After the visitor came time didn’t seem to move at all. Each second seem to take a century. I was also confused from the light. I long ago accepted that I couldn’t see, but if that was true, how did I see?
They said that their flashlight wasn’t working but I heard that buzz of electricity. That didn’t necessarily mean the flashlight was working fine though. The light bulb could have been burnt out, but wouldn’t they check before hand.
Eventually someone else walked into the building. I almost didn’t notice them. I was trying to think of a solution to stop my burning throat. I felt the slightest vibration as they took another step. I listened and heard a frightened breath.
I held my own breath not wanting to have the urge to kill someone again. I curled up into a tight little ball and scooted to a corner.
Whoever was in the building heard the noise of me moving and ran quickly to me. When I say quickly I don’t mean a five minute mile, but more like something moving at a couple hundred miles per hour. I felt uneasy as I remembered that I could move that fast too.
I never before considered the possibly of other vampires, but I had the feeling that that was exact what this visitor was. The thought of no longer being alone came to me and it made me happy.
I sucked in a breath and just smelled a sweet perfume instead of the ravenous scent of blood.
Light flooded the room, and again it blinded me for a moment. When my eyes adjusted I saw a pale white face staring at me in shock and disbelief. His eyes were golden and his face was simply gorgeous.
I gaped at him for a moment and he mirrored my expression. I then jumped to me feet, feeling on edge.
“Wait!” He said and moved to grab my wrist as he notice the look of sudden fear on my face.
I didn’t try to dodge his hand. He grabbed my wrist tightly and I wondered if I could break away. I was strong, but it seemed that he was too.
“Who are you?” He said in a whisper.
Somehow that made me mad. The light disappeared and I yelled, “Who are you? I live here.”
“How is it dark?” His voice was shaky and I could tell he was surprised.
“It just is.” I said silently. I couldn’t see, but I was use to it. I was at the advantage if I was going to try to run away or if we ended up fighting.
“Wait,” he said again, his voice pleading. “I never met another vampire before.”
“I … neither have I.” In the moment something changed. Hope swelled up inside of me again like a balloon. Light came back into the room and when I saw his face again he was smiling.

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