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Glistening Noon Chapter 5

August 1, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I wanted so badly to go and follow them but then sharp pains were coming from my hand and something hot was on my shoulder. I looked behind me and saw Hunter grabbing me and taking me down to the water. He dipped my hand in the salty water and there was a numb but stinging feeling. I got a good look at my hand and gasped.

“It was just a piece of glass how did it get a cut that big?!” The cut covered my whole palm. It had rips and tears when it should have just been the size of a paper cut.

“ You’ve got to know how to point out the lions. It’s always best for the prey to know it’s predators. If a zebra didn’t know the lion then we wouldn’t have any zebras left except the ones that knew of the lions. I’m just waiting for the day the lion will kill the lioness and the lion will chase after the zebra. Making her a lioness too.” He sounded like he was in a daze and didn’t know a thing he was talking about.

“What are you talking about Hunter? I don’t get the whole lion zebra thing.”

“You wouldn’t would you. Well the day the lion kills the lioness I’m going to laugh so hard. The day the lion goes for the zebra, the hyena is going to kill the lion and take the zebra and the lion’s demonic baby giraffe.” He started laughing at his safari scene and I looked at him with confusion. He stopped laughing and looked at me.
“I’m going to cry the day that the lioness kills the hyena for almost murdering her demonic baby giraffe.”

“I still don’t know what your talking about Hunter.”

“Forget it just let me drive you home that’s a bad cut.”
He walked me over to the car and got into the driver’s seat. I got in the passengers.

“Do you need directions to my house Hunter?”

“I know where you live it’s fine.”

“How do you know where I live-I never told you.”

“I just know I have a good sense of direction.”

We stared driving and where at my house in fifteen minutes. I was really surprised that he knew where I lived. I got out of the car unlocked the door. Hunter was already in the house with some alcohol and a bandage for my hand.

“How did you get in here before me? The door was locked.” I had to grab the counter to keep from falling over.

“I followed you into the house.” He grabbed my hand and poured the alcohol onto it. The cut started burning but he put the bandage over it and it stopped.

“This going to happen a lot if the zebra doesn’t ditch the lion.” He started laughing and I walked to my room. When I opened the door Hunter was on the bed with the picture of my dad. He dropped it onto the bed and looked at me then the picture again.

“Who’s this guy in the picture Claire?”

“That guy is my dad.” I could hear the bitterness in my voice.

“What’s his name?”

“Ray Lamone.”

“This is bad. Really bad. And so the lion and the hyena murder the zebra’s dad.”

“What is with you and your stupid African safari metaphors?”

“I don’t know. Hey, where is your dad?”

“He died last year in a fire.”

“Wow this is bad.”


“Calm down Claire.”

I was walking towards him about to choke him. He couldn’t of killed my dad he wasn’t murdered the house burned down. I was there, I saw the house burned to the ground. There was nothing at the house. The cops checked for fingerprints and everything. The only people there were a couple of cops, me, and two boys I didn’t even know. One of them couldn’t have been Hunter. Could it? If it was I would of recognized him the day I saw him at school. I didn’t want to believe it was him but I had a feeling in my stomach that it was him.

“ Did you kill my dad?”

I picked up the knife I had left in my room from opening boxes.

“Are you about to stab me?!”

“Did you kill my father?”


“Maybe isn’t an answer. Did you kill him?”

“Yes kind of.”

I gripped the knife and pulled it down with as much force as I could. I felt something run into me and I was on the floor grasping for a breath of air. The knife was still in my hand and Hunter was on the bed. Alive. I looked up and saw Kai standing over me. He snatched the knife out of my hand then examined it closely. He looked at me then Hunter then the knife again with confusion and disbelief spread clearly across his to perfect face.

“What happened Claire?” Disappointment rang clearly in his voice. But not as clear as the anger and disbelief.

“You’re worried about her?! She about stabbed me!”

Hunter was holding his hands together so tight that his knuckles turned white. Kai dropped the knife and I grabbed it again. I closed one eye and threw the knife at Hunter. It stuck into the wall right above his head and they both looked at me with wide eyes.

“Claire are you ok?” All signs of emotion were gone from Kai’s words.

“He killed my father! He burnt the house and killed him!”

Kai got up off the floor and glared at Hunter on the bed. Hunter looked at the door and ran for it. Kai was in front of the door before Hunter could leave.

“Why did you tell her you killed her dad? What else did you tell her?”

“Nothing. And don’t blame me remember what you said- you got the blood, I got the body, Logan got the soul, we burn the house and spare the girl. Feast for three remember. It was the day Logan came back and I made a big joke about calling it Logan’s Feast.”

“I remember. You decided to burn down the house when I said just to make it look like murder.”

“There would be nothing left to make it murder.”

I screamed and they both looked at me. I walked over to the bed and pulled the knife out of the wall. I grabbed a lighter and walked back to them.

“One dies,” I held up the knife and pointed it directly at Hunter.
“Or we all die together and this house burns to the ground.” I flipped on the lighter and put the flame near my bed. I heard Kai sigh.

“Hunter tell her please.”

“No! She can’t kill us anyways!”

“You want a bet?!” I was talking through my teeth now.

Kai moved from in front of the door and Hunter ran.

“Drop the weapons Claire.” Kai sighed.

I did as he said and they fell to the floor with a clash. I dropped down on my bed and slowly drifted to sleep. I dreamt about the two boys at the fire and wondered around to find Logan. When I woke up I was screaming and I felt the warm sticky tears going down my cheeks. Kai was in the corner reading a book and I stopped screaming but kept crying silently. He looked up at me and smiled. Then seeing the tears walked over to the bed.

“You should probably get dressed in some warmer clothes it’s freezing. And are you ok?”

I nodded my head and he walked to my dresser. He pulled out a sweat shirt and pants and threw them on the bed directly in front of me. I grabbed them and walked to the bathroom. I changed my clothes, fixed my hair, and brushed my teeth three times. When I walked back to my room Kai was laying on the bed playing with my phone.

“Drop my phone Kai” It sounded like I was talking to a six year old but he dropped it.

“Is your hand ok?” He took my hand and pulled off the bandages.

It looked horrible. It was swollen and bruised and had teeth marks on it. Kai examined the teeth marks carefully.

“Do you feel ok Claire?”

“I’m fine it’s just a cut on my hand. I’m absolutely fine.”

“Are you dizzy, better balanced, can see better, thirsty?”


“No reason.”

“Why did you kill my father?”

“Let’s not talk about that Claire. At least not right now.”

“I have a right to know he was my father.”

“I’ll tell you just not this early in the morning.”

I looked at the clock and the bright neon green colors clearly read two thirty in the morning.

“Why are you here Kai?”

“Do you want me to leave?”


“Do you have a gun here?”

“No why?”

“I don’t want you to shoot me for anything. You threw a knife at Hunter’s head. I don’t want a bullet through mine.”

I started laughing but then stopped. I stared at Kai then turned on the lights. His eyes were red again. I pointed to my eyes and he got up and looked in the mirror.

“Oh my…. they’re just contacts Claire?” He sounded extremely unsure about what to say. I turned off the lights again and he sat on the bed.

“Kai what did Hunter mean by he gets the body, you get the blood, and Logan gets the soul?”

“I said we weren’t going to talk about this.”

“I need to know.”

“You don’t need to know anything now shut up and go back to sleep.”

I walked over to my bed and got in it then finally I snapped.

“Doesn’t someone need you or something. Don’t you have to go kill someone else’s dad now?! Get out of my house!”

He just stared at me confused.

“I’m sorry Kai.” My voice was tiny.

“I told you to stay away and this is why.”

He walked to the window, opened it, and jumped out. I ran to the window and saw him walking towards the woods unharmed. I ran downstairs and outside. Because he was walking I was able to catch up to him pretty fast.


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