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Glistening Noon Chapter 12

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“What happened?” I could barely speak.
“I can’t tell you.”
“I have my source of information.” I really did.
“Logan doesn’t know. No one except me and Paige knows what happened.”
“Please tell me.”
“When it’s time I will.”
“When will it be time?” I couldn’t wait that long.
“Soon enough.”
“Then answer this question: why don’t you like me?”
“You don’t know anything do you?” His eyes flashed to green.
“Sorry if you don’t tell me anything.”
“Go to sleep please Claire.”
“Not until you tell me why you don’t like me!”
“I can’t like you Claire! If I do it changes everything! I won’t get my fight! You’ll get married to me and you’ll have a child! Claire if I don’t constantly hate you and watch you I can’t get my fight!”
“I…I…I’m sorry.” That was surprising.
“If I could I may like you. But you’re too much like a child.”
I turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep. He pulled me into his lap and stroked my hair. I tried not to let the tears in my eyes flow down but I didn’t succeed and they streamed down my cheeks and stung my eyes.
“Claire,” He pulled back my hair. “Please forget this ever happened.”
I nodded not wanting my voice to give away that I was crying. I tried to get out of his lap but his arms held me there. I drifted to sleep and dreamt about him at a fight. Something shook me and the dream faded. I rubbed my eyes and looked down. I was in the air and Kai was holding me up.
“Wake up you have school.”
“Let me go first, I’m not a puppy.”
He let go and I fell onto the bed. I scrambled to my feet and ran to get my clothes off the couch. I quickly threw them on and brushed my teeth. I ran back to the bed and sat down. Kai braided a single braid down my hair and picked me up. He took me down the stairs and into the kitchen. Logan was there eating already and there was another plate of food next to her. I quickly ate and went back to Kai. He grabbed my hand and kissed Logan on the head. She waved to us and we walked out the door. We got in the Mustang and he drove towards school.
“Who else knows about you?”
“Hunter Riley.”
“And does he know that I know about you and that I know he knows?”
“Yah. He’s been begging me to tell you since you were six”
“We just met.”
“You just met me I’ve known you forever. When you almost died in that car crash when you were eight I saved you. When your school burned down when you were twelve I saved you. Hunter wanted to kill you and I said no. You should be dead by now but you aren’t.”
We pulled into the school parking lot and we got out the car together. Every head turned to us. I saw Hunter run to us.
“Why did you tell her? I mean really!” I hadn’t heard his voice in forever.
“Second chance.”
“Well you need to check that second chance because what you’re doing right now is making it fade! Taboo isn’t going to wait forever!”
“Hunter!” Kai growled his name.
I turned to Kai. “That is who you need me for? You need me to get to that! I liked my happy little life i was going to live if you were nice to me!”
“Claire.” Kai growled my name too and it scared me.
“It’s not her fault if she wants to live a normal life.” At least Hunter was on my side.
“She won’t have a normal life if she marries a vampire. That’s not normal.”
“If it’s what she wants it’s normal.” Hunter sounded completely calm.
Kai walked off and I looked at Hunter
“Look at what you did! He was just beginning to open up, to tell me everything and you just messed that up! I don’t care if he’s using me for some stupid fight! He was just beginning to like me! You’re going to fix this!”
I ran off after Kai. When I got to him he turned around and grabbed my arm he swung me around to face him.
“Look,” He growled. “Stay away from me. My family. Hunter. Please just make it like you know nothing about us. I need you for a favor and that’s all. All you have to do is be around me long enough. You don’t have to change your life because of me. You’re human. You breathe and eat and sleep. You’re fragile and if something happened to you I wouldn’t get what I needed. You shouldn’t even know about us. It was a mistake to tell you.”
He spun me back around and ran off before I could say anything. There were two sets of hands on my shoulder and I turned to see Miki and Catherine. I walked off before they could say anything. I walked to Mr. David’s class slower than usual. I went to my seat next to Kai and sat. He didn’t look at me or say anything but instead took out a piece of paper and wrote something. He handed the note to me and left the room. I read the note.

Look Claire. I don’t want you fed up with fantasies and things that shouldn’t exist. Like me. I’m dangerous and I want you to stay away. I’ve already led you to death threatening situations. The forest, the dry bed, the tournament, the party. I even bit you Claire. In case you wanted to know I’m leaving. For good. Also I should tell you your future. In your future when I’m nice to you I see a wedding. A child with curly blonde hair in pigtails with a blue dress, she yawns and I see the venom dripping off her teeth. When I hurt you I see a gravestone that said you died when you were eighteen. When I treat you like a child I see my fight. And I win it. Sorry if you felt like I didn’t care. But I’m gone now.

- Kai Pattinson

I opened my text book and there was another letter.
Scratch that halfway. In this letter is a plane ticket and one hundred thousand dollars. Leave class now and go get some clothes. Then go to the airport and get on the plane for Brazil. I’ll be at the airport in Brazil waiting. Go now! I need you!

- Kai Pattinson
I ran out the classroom and to the parking lot. I saw my car and ran to it in the seat there was another note. Was this supposed to be one hundred clues or something? I read the note though.
Please obey Kai. You have to if you want to live. He gets mad easily and no one is coming with you two so he has easy access to your death. Please try to be safe. I may hate you but I don’t hate Kai. Please. I want him to be happy and with you dead it won’t happen.

- Paige Pattinson
I sighed and looked at the steering wheel. Again another note. I have places to be right now! I opened it quickly.
Don’t tell Kai but me and possibly James are coming with you! We want you safe! My cell number is 270-559-2592. I’ll be with you tomorrow ok. Please be safe and in this envelope is an iphone incase you didn’t have one. Se ya tomorrow and be safe and ask questions!

© Logan

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