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Glistening Noon Chapter 15

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I buried my face in Kai’s chest and felt a hand on my back. I turned around and saw Paige and Cynthia. Cynthia carefully kept her distance from the large wolf. The wolf walked towards me and lowered it’s head. I held out my shaking hand and he slid his head under it. I smiled and rubbed his head. He rolled onto his back and I rubbed his large stomach. Cynthia took a step towards me and hissed at the wolf. It got up and growled back at her. They both barred their teeth and Cynthia jumped at him. There were growls and hisses and rips and tears. Logan came into the room and they stopped. Hunter turned back into a human and looked at her.
“Hey Logan.” He shyly waved.
“Hi wolf boy.” She smiled.
I turned to Hunter. “I think someone has a certain crush on somebody.”
He frowned at me. “And like you don’t.”
He pointed to Kai and I looked behind me to find him laughing.
“Am I the only one to thinks that isn’t funny?!”
“Yah.” Hunter smiled and walked over to Logan.
She blushed and stood on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek. I turned to Kai.
“I thought her and James were like…you know.”
“He’s her guardian. Eventually demons pick up people and they claim them as their guardian. Logan picked James out of the bunch.”
Logan grabbed my arm and pulled me to a corner.
“Girly sister talk time. Get your super hot wolf cousin to ask your demon best friend out on a date. It may even benefit for you because we could double date and you and Kai could bond. You know you want to so please I’m begging you!”
“Because you are like a sister to me and we grew up together I will get Hunter to ask you out.”
“Oh thank you!”
We ran back out to the others and she stayed by my side hugging me. I bent down and whispered in her ear.
“He’s a wolf, your family is vampires, and you’re a demon. Aren’t vampires and werewolves like mortal enemies? How Is that going to work out?”
“I’m the mother kind. My kind was the beginning of the dark spirits I think they can handle it. Plus I’m the baby of the group so they will do anything to make me happy.”
I nodded and went to Hunter’s side.
“Hunter,” I whispered to him. “Why don’t you ask Logan out. I think it will make her happy.”
“OK. But I don’t really need dating advice from my younger human cousin.”
“I hate being human! Everyone thinks I‘m weak and small and that I can‘t do anything! You all think that I‘m nothing except for a bothersome child who needs to stay away! I‘m just a stupid girl that after she reviles the stupid location of some guy I don’t know is going to die! I know where he is I know everything about him! I just didn’t tell anyone because I thought that would give me more time! But all it gave me was pain and misery! ”
I realized too late that I screamed that. Everyone in the room looked at me.
“It’s better than being something dark and evil that kills people.” Hunter hugged me.
I thought about my father nodding sadly. I looked at Kai.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you where he was. I knew you were going to kill me though afterwards so I just hid it and tried not too think about it so you wouldn’t find out.”
“Where is he?”
“I don’t know anymore. He was in Boston then back to Brazil then Korea than to Italy. He was looking for you so I tried tricking you but it didn’t really work. Last I heard he was in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and then Washington again.”
“If you find him again tell me or you will be dead.”
Logan ran in front of me and crouched down hissing. The purple venom dripped from her horns, mouth, tail, and wings. An electric current flowed through her wings and a wispy blue and white ball was on the tip of her tail slowly moving in a circle. Kai crouched down and she flapped her wings and swung her tail from side to side. I looked closely at the little cloud on her and gasped seeing faces screaming and crying but making no noise. They were souls. Trapped inside her little energy force. Kai growled and she flipped her tail onto the ground. A blue shape of a man came out of her tail. It’s color faded to dark browns, grays, and blacks. It’s eyes turned red and it crouched down growling beside the little powerful Logan. She darted for Kai and so did the dark soul she had as a companion. I grabbed her before she could do anything. I took caution on not to touch the electrical wings or the sharp claws on them. The soul stopped and turned to me his eyes narrowing.
“Look. I have a werewolf for a cousin, a demon for a best friend, and I’m in love with a vampire. I’ve had my heart broken more than once and I have been bitten and torn. Mess with me if you want I don’t care. I’ve been through too much stuff for it to matter. I would advise you not though anyway because to me your just dust with eyes. So leave me alone.”
The soul faded to blue and went back into Logan’s tail. Kai stood up and looked at me with a collapsed Logan in my arms. Dakota walked into the room clapping and put her shoulder on Kai.
“Told ya she had a gift. She’s a controller. She just sent a possessed soul back to it’s sad little grave and knocked out a little demon girl with no control. She’s a keeper.”
“I’m not keeping her.”
“Well tonight you are. Tabitha is staying for a while so everyone currently in the house is going to be trapped in here.”
Everyone looked at each other and at Logan in my arms. Her accessories started fading and Kai snatched her out of my arms. The wings appeared again and the talons ripped at him I saw the stream of electricity as it pricked at his cut. It was confusing how I couldn’t feel a thing. I grabbed Logan and the wings vanished. I took her to the couch laying her in my lap. The front door bust open and Tabitha came in followed by Margie, Sabrina, and Bonnie. They looked at me with Logan in my lap. Tabitha ran over and the animal part of Logan sparked out. I grabbed Tabby before the tail could hit her. Kai grabbed her from me and Hunter walked into the room. Logan sat up and ran to him. Stretching my legs I switched my position to a more comfortable one. Margie came to sit next to me.
“Honey darling why are you here?”
“To get harassed by your brother.”
“What is he like?”
“He seems nice then he attacks you multiple times. He lies to you about his age and being married. He’s really controlling and treats me like a child.”
“What is the girl like?”
“She’s lovely but deadly. She acts like almost any teenage girl and she keeps trying to double date with me. Her and my cousin. Me and her dad.”
My stomach started burning and I saw Logan clutching her stomach. She let out a tiny scream.
“Daddy! Something is happening to Claire! It’s with her stomach and it hurts!”
Kai walked in even though I never saw him leave. He carried Tabitha on his hip who had a cookie in her hands shoving it in her tiny mouth. He dropped her onto the floor and looked at me. He ripped my dress at the stomach and I saw the fabric soaked with blood.
“What happened?” He sounded surprised that I was bleeding.
“ Um… I don’t know! Maybe Logan’s wing ripped my cut!”
Everyone tensed up in the room and I could see Hunter and Logan deciding if they should change. Margie dipped her hand in the blood. A second later the shaggy golden wolf was in front of me growling. Logan was beside him thumping her tail on the ground letting out one dark soul after the other. Margie backed up and they both changed to normal. Kai took me upstairs and into the bathroom. Paige raced up after us. She came in and locked the door behind her. I started crying from the pain. I could see the blood pouring onto the tile floor.
“You need James Kai!” Paige was screaming at him.
“Well then summon him in here.”
She closed her eyes and softly spoke his name about three times. He appeared in the room and Paige left. Kai gave him a look while Jams bent down over me. He wiped back my hair and put his hands in mine. It felt fine at first and I felt better but then it started burning. I screamed and I heard everyone coming up the steps.
“It burns.”
“It may hurt at first.” Kai didn’t sound that reassuring.
The pain went on and I screamed more.
“Kai it’s burning!”
I kicked my legs and James smiled at me.
“James stop your hurting her.”
“She deserves dying. You never did it and it has to be done.”
Kai leaned in biting his neck. He picked me up and the door opened. Logan ran through the door grabbing me and running out. She ran down the stairs and laid me on a couch. She screamed out different names and there were an assortment of animals mixed with people. A wolverine came closest and looked at my stomach. She nodded to the others and formed a circle around me. Logan stayed at my side. A circle of flames surrounded us as a violet pool streamed towards me. Logan cupped some in her hand and poured it over the cut. She grabbed another handful and blew it at my hands. It turned into a sparkling powder as it flowed to my hands. Kai came running towards me but the flames soared higher keeping him away. Logan pulled her wings around me as flames soared around. She said something and all the flames stopped. I ran to Kai as soon as I got the chance. He looked at Logan with black eyes and at me with green.
“What were you doing Logan?”
“The venom was reaching her heart.”
“So you do your little witch circle?”
“We didn’t get to finish it! All we got to was the fire ring.”
“What else were you going to do?”
“Fire ring, Devil’s wish, release our souls, then release our animal selves.”
“I told you never to do those.”
“What do you care,” The bloody tears ran down her cheek. “You only use her! You don’t-”
He cut her off short with deep growls. He held me closer to his chest. Logan hissed and cried.
“I wasn’t going to kill her! I knew what I was doing I promise! If I didn’t know I wouldn’t have done it! I care about her you know! Don’t you have some type of party to go to?! Go away!”
Kai walked back into the house and I walked next to him. Paige was in front of the door when we got there her eyes were a flaring green.
“What did you do to my child?”
“I didn’t do anything I just walked outside.”
“Whatever. All of your friends are here so I’m taking Claire upstairs with the rest of the girls. I’ll grab Logan later but I’m not sure if I can go that far without you know what.”
“You can make it it’s not that far.”
She nodded and took my hand. She quickly rushed to Logan picked her up and ran back to me. She took my hand and led me into the house. Everyone stopped and looked at us. I recognized Thanos coming towards me. I looked at Paige who was on the floor gripping something to her chest. Blood was pouring down her arms and she was yelling at Kai to stop. Thanos grabbed my arm and pulled me back with him. There was a circle of men about Kai’s age and Thanos put me near Kai.
“I got your princess.”
Kai nodded. “Paige release.”
Paige stopped screaming and I heard her running up the steps.
“What did you do to her!?”
“Claire shut up.”
“No! What did you do to Paige?!”
He grabbed my hand squeezing it until I screamed.
“Go upstairs NOW!”
I ran up the steps and I heard all of the people laughing. I ran to Logan’s room seeing Tabitha guarding the door. I pushed her out the way and swung open the door. All of the girls were in the room. Tabitha, Logan, Paige, Maria, Cynthia, Margie, Sabrina, Bonnie, and now me. They were all in a circle around Paige who was crying. They were looking at something on her stomach. I got in the circle and I saw what it was. It was a map carved into her stomach.

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