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Glistening Noon Chapter 17

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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She let that sink in and led us to the front room. We sat on the couch and Logan put a gold box on the table. Hunter and Debbie sat across from us. Logan opened the box and dumped the contents onto the table.
“What is this Logan?!”
“It’s mother’s things from when she was with father. These things saved her life. It’s all she has left. She kept them for me so if he ever did anything I would still be alive. She told me that she would show me how to use them when the time came.”
I picked up a knife with a ruby dragon on it.
“What is this?”
“Mother’s dagger. She got away by stabbing him in the neck. She ran out the borders of the house and all the way to London. He found her though and dragged her back.”
“Is that when he did her back?”
“Yes. After that time she tried to poison him with pills. I didn’t work though and she didn’t get away in time and that was when he bit her all down her leg. My poor mother was abused all her life. She’s a living example that looks aren’t everything and that you should know a guy before you date them.”
Debbie looked at us strange.
“Girls what happened tonight and tell me the truth.”
Logan looked at me then to my mother.
“I put a protection spell early today on Claire. Kai caught me and he cut me with a sword. Claire came downstairs and saved me before he killed me. I grabbed my mother’s box and waited outside the door. She stabbed him a couple of times and he almost killed her. She stabbed him in the chest but he faked it. He tried to trap us in the borders of the house but we got out in time. We ran to your house where, of course, we got caught.”
“So you were running from your father?”
I answered her question.
“Yes! Ok! We were running from Kai Pattinson because he is an abusive freak who is like bi-polar and freaking tried to burn something into my leg and I had to drug him with some pills Paige gave me! He dragged me off to Brazil and tore open my stomach! But I don’t care! I love him!”
“Darling. Tomorrow I want you to bring Kai over here. Me and him need to talk for a while. He’ll probably be better by tomorrow. Logan can stay here tonight. I don’t think she can go back to her house tonight. The extra room across the hall is now Hunter’s he lives here now. Get washed up and go to bed.”
I couldn’t believe how smooth that went except for my little rampage but Logan grabbed the box and ran upstairs. We washed the blood off our selves and went into my room. We both fell asleep and when I woke up I went straight to Kai’s house. He seemed better and I told him he needed to come with me. He didn’t talk at all while he drove to my house. He picked me up and opened the door. Hunter was on the couch and he growled when we came in. Debbie walked down the steps and Kai smiled when she came down.
“I never I thought I’d see the day you wore a silk dress ever again.”
“I never thought I’d see the day that you carried my daughter into this house.”
“She was almost mine you know Debra.”
“The court wouldn’t allow it. Your criminal record wasn’t that clean.”
“It would have been if you didn’t hire me to kill your husband.”
“I wanted him out of the picture and you know that!”
“You wanted him out so you could marry me you know.”
“Let’s change the subject from something away from my daughter.”
I looked at both of them.
“What is going on here?”
Debbie was the first to answer me.
“Just a little discussion that is all.”
Kai bounced me on his hip and something rattled in my pocket.
“What was that?” He looked at my hip.
He dug into my pocket and grabbed the pills Paige gave me.
“Why do you have these?”
“There are a million reasons why I have those.”
“I burned these years ago, how did you find them?”
“Paige gave them to me and I used them on you right before Logan put the spell on me.”
Debbie walked us to the couch where Hunter was. Kai and Hunter growled at each other. Kai dropped me and I fell onto the floor. I held up my arms and he shook his head no.
“Please carry me!”
“No Claire.”
“Please carry me Kai!”
He picked me up and my mother looked at him.
“You spoil her too much. She doesn’t even want to walk anymore. She is seventeen I don’t really think she should be in love with you and she’s a werewolf.”
“Didn’t seem to bother you that I was a vampire.”
“I didn’t care at the time.”
“Your daughter isn’t going to be a werewolf by the way.”
“You aren’t biting her.”
“Logan made sure she couldn’t change. She locked it in a chest and buried it in the spirit world.”
“My daughter can’t change now?”
“Like she’d really want to change into a horse sized dog whenever she lost her temper. It would ruin her life you know.”
“It was her nature. She was supposed to turn into a wolf. It is in her blood.”
“She’ll still have the other side effects. The strength, the speed, she can probably growl now.”
“Not good enough.”
“So now your daughter isn’t good enough? This is one of the reasons why I should of raised her.”
“If you raised her she would be trapped in that house of yours and would be black and blue all over! She probably wouldn’t even be alive!”
“I would of treated her well.”
“Then why don’t you now?”
She ran up the steps and Kai’s eyes followed. Kai dropped me, kissed my neck, smiled at Hunter for his last action, and went up the stairs behind Debbie. Hunter looked at me with wide eyes and I returned his gaze.
“Did he just kiss you?”
“I don’t know did he?”
“By the look he gave me probably. I hate that guy.”
“I thought you two were best friends.”
“We were but after that little stunt he pulled with you.”
“He wouldn’t of done anything to me!”
There were growls from upstairs and shouts. A black wolf came down the steps followed by Kai. The wolf changed into Debbie walking to me. Her and Kai exchanged a glance and nodded. There were voices in my head again.
“Hey sis it’s Hunter. What happened up there!? I never saw mom as a wolf before!”
I figured that if I still had some wolf in me I could answer back.
“I don’t know but where is Logan didn’t she stay the night.”
“I don’t know but let’s go upstairs and see what damage they did. Maybe Logan is still asleep.”
We ran up the steps and into my room. Logan was in my moon chair watching TV. There were documents on the bed and I picked them up. It was papers to see who would be my legal guardians. I read the paper.

This document states who will be the legal guardian for Claire Juliet Lamone. Parents Debra Lamone and Ray Lamone. Sibling is Hunter Riley. Father Ray Lamone passed away and Hunter Riley is in the care of his grandfather. Debra Lamone is to go to court tomorrow to see if her or Kai Pattinson, a recent fiancé, should care for the child.

That had to be a lie

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