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Glistening Noon Chapter 20

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Look mother’s diary!”
“Should we read it?”
“Yes stupid! How retarded are you?!”
“Sorry!” that was harsh.
She opened the ancient book and read it.
June 12 1999
Kai is trying to get rights to his step daughter, Claire. Court won’t allow it though because Claire’s mother hired him to kill her husband. I don’t see how he is going to pull off having the tiny glass child in a house of vampires. He wants her so badly and I’m afraid of that. I’m afraid he is going to run off with her like he did Logan. I’m deathly afraid of that child. She has powers he can’t control. He can’t have her and he knows that. Years from now he’ll marry that child that was almost his. He loves that child and he only wants the best. I hope this diary will keep the child from being his prisoner like I. Logan darling will help the child escape from near death. Find the clues hidden in the room Logan. Save your sister.

July 5 1999
Claire’s birthday. No one has said a word and Logan keeps crying. She misses her sister and wants her back. Poor Claire doesn’t have any idea how much she means to a pile of vampires. Poor child!

“Well then. I wasn’t expecting this.”
“Yah! Either was I!”
“Logan where is your father?”
“Probably downstairs with the guys.”
I grabbed the diary and papers and ran downstairs sure enough he was there. He was on the couch watching a football game.
The men turned around to look at me then they mockingly smiled at Kai.
“How did you get here?”
“What do you need?”
“For you to explain this.”
“Explain what?”
“Shut up and look Kai Pattinson! Don’t lie to me what is this!?”
“Come here.”
I slowly walked over to him and spread out the papers.
“How did you find this stuff?”
“In your room.”
“Sorry but we can talk about that later just look at the stuff.”
“And your point is?”
“Why do you have marriage papers for you and my mother and why do you have my birth certifacate?”
He didn’t say anything but just stared at me.
“You know, if you were that smart to figure that out than why can’t you get the simple message of stay away?”
I looked through the diary for more evidence.
July 18 1999
Kai has her. She is now a member of the family. He loves her dearly and she is spoiled. He tried to change her this morning but she didn’t agree and ran around the house knocking things over. That ticked him off! Well he tried again and she sadly let him. She had a reaction to his venom though. She didn’t change and it didn’t hurt her. He did it six more times before he gave up. She is a lucky child. She is asleep right now and we have to get used to her eating. James and Will hate her and keep ordering Kai to kill her. They say it is her fate and that he shouldn’t mess with it. He wants her immortal and they want her dead. I want her in reality and not some fantasy world with faries and unicorns. Good things like that just sadly don’t exsist. He is going to try again tomorrow. Claire will have those scars forever. They will barely be noticeable later in life though. She will look on her arms and ask him what those teeth marks are. Of course he will tell her she was bit by a dog when she was little. Poor child.

I looked on my arm and I could see teeth marks up and down it. They covered both my arms completely.
“How many times did you try?”
“Thirty two.”
He said it quietly with no emotion. He stared straight ahead but grabbed the diary out of my hands. He put it on the table along with the other papers. He set me in his lap and pulled up my jeans at the bottom to where you could see my legs. He traced his hand aound certain parts of my skin and they glowed.
“There. Thirty two bite marks. All there since you were little.”
“Why wouldn’t you tell me?”
“Because you would act like this.”
“Am I truly your daughter?”
“Halfway I guess.”
“I love you Claire darling.”
“If you loved me you would of told me these things earlier.”
“Didn’t think you would care.”
“You didn’t think I would care about my life!? Really Kai!? You think I wouldn’t care about what happened to me?! Why don’t you ever tell me anything?! I hate you!”
I got up and ran up the steps. Logan was sitting on them. She grabbed my leg and I shook it off. I ran into Kai’s room and locked the door behind me. There was a knock and the door opened. Kai locked the door behind him. He sat on the bed and put me in his lap again. The door opened and Paige was in the doorway. I guess locks don’t mean anything in this house.
“This scene brings back memories.”
“Ha ha Paige.” He rocked me back and forth.
“What happened?”
“Next time keep your diary well hidden.”
“It was meant for her to find. I wrote that horrible thing for both my daughters to understand how to get out of here before they end up like me! Well congrats you already ruined one!”
“Paige shut up.”
“Here,” She threw a box at him. “She can watch those.”
She left the room and I opened up the box. It was full of tapes and books. I put one in the DVD player and turned it on. The camera turned and it was on Clide.
“Christmas morning. About to let the kids in Kai’s room.”
The camera tilted down and there were two girls running. Clide was holding the back of their shirts. Both of the girls turned around.
“Uncle Clide when can we wake daddy up!?”
“Logan, Claire, say hi to the camera first.”
Both the girls waved and said hi. They turned back to the door and Clide opened it. Both the girls ran inside and jumped on the bed. Kai and Paige were laying down and the girls pulled on their hair. Kai sat up and grabbed the girls.
“What is it?”
“Guess what day it is!” The girls spoke in unison.
“Christmas! Christmas!”
“Wake up your mother.”
The girls jumped on Paige and she sat up. She turned to Kai.
“What is it?”
“Christmas, put your robe on.”
She nodded and grabbed one. Kai grabbed the girls and put one on each hip. He carried them out the door and down the steps. Paige was beside them and they all stopped at a door. Kai opened it and the whole room was filled with gifts. Kai and Paige sat on the couch and the camera flicked to the kids. The girls both held up a necklace. I looked at the camera.
“Mommy got me a diamond necklace and she got sissy one two!”
“Hey darlings both of you go to the back of the tree I have a gift for you.”
Both girls followed direction and screamed but then laughed. The camera followed to the back of the tree and there were two cages. Logan faced the camera.
“Uncle Clide got us a white lion cub!”
The tape paused and I looked at Kai.
“White lion cub?”
“Yah. Here you can look through the diary.”
I grabbed it and opened it up.
July 19 1999
Today Kai broke Claire’s arm. He bit down too hard and snapped the bone in half. He’s in his room right now and Claire is downstairs with me watching TV. Logan is in the kitchen eating cake.

July 20 1999
Will, James, and Clide have been teaching Logan and Claire some new words. Examples: blood, food, good, yummy, murder, dagger, danger, kill, anger, black, demon, devil, vampire, mortal, soul. Now they are teaching them sentences. For Logan it is: Demon food is souls. It is yummy. For Claire it is: I live with devils and I am a mortal. This ticked Kai off when they told him the sentences. He hasn’t come out of his room yet. Poor children. Poor Kai.

July 21 1999
Claire is sick.

July 22 1999
Logan is sick.

July 23 1999
I am sick.

July 24 1999
I took the girls swimming in the creek today. Kai is mad at me.

I closed the journal and looked at Kai.
“Really? I lived with you? I had a white lion as a pet? I got diamonds on Christmas? You broke my arm?”
“You had a great childhood.”
“Don’t need your sarcasim.”
“Whoever said I was being sarcastic?”
“I don’t think having a broken arm is great.”
“There were other times that I didn’t break your arm. Here put this in.”
He handed me a CD and I put it in. He pulled me back in his lap. He clicked a button on the remote and the tape flipped on.
Kai and Paige were on the floor sitting near the bed.
Kai called the name and a little girl in a sundress entered the room. She bent down on her knees and held out her arm. Kai grabbed the girl and bit her arm. She screamed and cried and kicked but he held on. Finally he let go and cleaned the cut.
“Go play.”
The girl ran out of the room and Kai put his face in his hands.
“Why won’t it work.”
Paige put her hand on Kai’s head.
“Maybe she just wasn’t meant to be like us.”
There was laughing from the camera and Kai grabbed a red dagger and threw it at the camera.
“Clide I’m going to kill you!”
The tape flicked off and Kai put his head on my shoulder.
“It’s seven, go take a bath and I’ll be there in a minute.”
I nodded and walked off to the huge bathroom. I started the water in the huge tub and sat in it. I unbraided my hair but a hand stopped me. I turned around and Kai was undoing my hair for me. He closed the door and turned to the mirror. He took of his shirt and opened a cabinet with daggers hanging from it.
“What are you doing!?”
“I’m not going to stab you. I have to get these bullets out of my chest.”
“Bullets? Kai Pattinson what are you talking about? Why are there bullets in your chest.”
“Got in a fight last night.”
“With who?”
“Some vampires and wolves. Couple people I hate. Ended up killing most of them. Got shot a couple of times though.”
“Why didn’t I feel it?”
“Probably did but you were asleep.”
“I think I would wake up if I felt like I was being shot.”
“You still have that protection spell on you.”
“Hurry up you have to get down stairs and eat.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Watch TV.”
“Whatever. What would you do if TVs weren’t invented?”
“I already went through that and it was a lot funner than TV.”
“What was it like a long time ago?”
“Depends. Pick a year.”
“Fourteen ninety two.”
“Well…I knew Columbus and I even sailed with him. He was an insane dictator who tried to kill me saying that I was only there for the king’s treasure.”
“Well then.”
“I have to go get your clothes. Don’t touch anything.”
He left the room and I went to the counter where the daggers and bullets were. One dagger was a ruby color and looked like it had shingles for a handle. It had a glass dragon on it with rubys for eyes. Inside the dragon there was an onyx purple liquid. Beside the dagger were bullets. They were silver and had a picture of a dog on the side. Or maybe it was a wolf. I heard the doornob turn and I got in the tub. Kai came in and looked at me.
“You didn’t touch anything did you?”
“Then why is the floor wet.”
“I got some water on it.”
“If you got water on it then the whole floor would be wet. Only parts are wet.”
“Fine I looked at your stuff. You said I couldn’t touch it you never said look at it.”
“Get dressed.”
I dried off and got dressed in the pajamas. We walked downstairs and sat at the table. I didn’t look up and didn’t eat.
“Kai,” I turned my face to him. “What was in that dagger?”
“What dagger?” He was hiding something.
“The dagger next to the bullets, the one with the dragon on it.”
“Kai Pattinson what is she talking about with bullets? Paige glared at him. And I turned to her.
“The silver bullets with the little dogs on them he left them on the counter next to the red dragon dagger.
Paige got up.
“Kai Pattinson come with me.”
He got up and everyone looked at me.
No one answered me but they still stared at me.
“I just wanted to know something you can’t blame me for whatever is going on.”
Paige and Kai came back in the room and the awful stares glided away from me. Kai grabbed my arm.
“Time for bed.”
I got up and raced up the steps I ran into Kai’s room and he followed shortly after.
“Paige is sleeping with me tonight you are going to sleep in Logan’s room.”
I walked out the room and down the hall to Logan’s room she was already on the bed waiting for me.
“Well time for bed!” She sounded way too happy to just be going to sleep.
“Where do I sleep.”
“Well in the bed of course!”
I got in the bed and she turned off the lights I heard her grab a book and I drifted to sleep. I had a dream where a man was chasing me and he had a knife. He needed to know something but I didn’t know what it was. He told me he was somewhere and that he was going to kill me. I woke up screaming and went out the room and to Kai’s. I heard the man’s voice taunting me and I started running. I tripped and fell scraping my head on the floor. The man grabbed my shoulders and the touch burned. I broke away and got to Kai’s room. I ran in and shut the door behind me. The lights flipped on and he held open his arms. I ran into then and he swung me onto the bed in front of him. I burst into tears and he hugged me.
“It’s ok it was just a dream he can’t hurt you.”
“Yes he can,” I tried to speak clearly in my broken sobs. “He did!”

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